Can Eight 8’s Produce 1000?

numbersMy previous post “Can Two 2’s Produce 5?” showed a way to produce 5 using only two 2’s and any mathematical operations. Now, here’s another similar puzzle. Using eight 8’s and any mathematical operations and symbols, can you make them equal to 1000? There are several solutions.


When I asked this question to some of my friends, they were able to give me six basic solutions (though there are more):


\frac{8+8}{8}(8\times 8\times 8-8)-8=1000

8(8\times 8+8\times 8)-8-8-8=1000


\frac{8888}{8.888}=1000 (This solution has several variantions. Can you find them?)

8\left [8(8+8)-\frac{8+8+8}{8} \right ]=1000

One of them was smart enough to use square roots and factorials, so he was able to find four more solutions:

\frac{8!}{8}-8\left [ (8\times 8\times 8)-8 \right ]-8=1000

8!\left [\frac{8+8}{8(88-8)} \right ]-8=1000

(8+8)(8\times 8)-(\sqrt{8+8})!+8-8=1000

\frac{8!}{8+8+8+8+8}-\sqrt{8}\times \sqrt{8}

I have found more solutions which involve square roots and factorials. Can you find more?

This puzzle can be solved by producing 10³ using the 8’s:

\left (\frac{88-8}{8} \right )^{(8+8+8)/8}=10^3=1000

\left (8+\frac{8+8}{8} \right )^{(8+8+8)/8}=10^3=1000

If special mathematical symbols are employed, more solutions can be found:

Floor and Ceiling Functions:

\left (\left \lfloor\sqrt{8} \right \rfloor+\left \lceil\sqrt{8} \right \rceil \right )\times\left (\left \lfloor\sqrt{8} \right \rfloor+\left \lceil\sqrt{8} \right \rceil \right )\times\left (\left \lfloor\sqrt{8} \right \rfloor+\left \lceil\sqrt{8} \right \rceil \right )\times \sqrt{8}\times \sqrt{8}=1000

Base 8 logarithm:

(\log_{8}8\times 8)(8\times8\times8-8)-8=1000

Binomial Coefficient:

\left [\binom{8+8}{\frac{8}{.8}}-8 \right ]\div 8+8-8=1000

Gamma Function:

\frac{8\Gamma (8)}{8+8+8+8+8}-8=1000

\Gamma (8)-(8\times 8)\left (8\times 8-\frac{8}{8} \right )-8=1000

Finally, this solution involves base 8 numbers:

\left (\frac{88}{88}\times 8\times 8\times 8 \right )_8=1000_8

However, this is not an acceptable solution since the answer is in base 8 and 1000 in base 8 is equal to 512 in base 10. Any interested reader may try to find a valid solution using base 8 numbers.

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16 thoughts on “Can Eight 8’s Produce 1000?

  1. You won’t believe me when I say, my next poem I’m publishing this week is about Maths. Unfortunately, I don’t think I quite share your love and fascination of it. .but fab post!

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  2. Good grief! I can do that many computations. I can draw the 8 or write a poem about the 8, but I’ll never find a solution to the 8’s math puzzle. Except maybe MAYBE I could have come up with the first solution if I had really tried and didn’t mind smoke coming out of my ears.

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