Gleanings From The Past #10


A Moving Tavern 

A characteristically western arrangement for eating, drinking, and sleeping the labourers is made on the Davenport railroad. Two cars are fitted up for the purpose. One is filled up with berths on the side, as in a steamer, and on the other side, a long table is laid for eating processes. The other car is occupied as store-room and kitchen, and with sleeping accommodations for the family who do the cooking, housework, etc. These cars follow up closely the hand-car from which the rails are laid, and, as the track advances, the locomotive keeps pushing them ahead. It is a sort of locomotive tavern, which finds liberal patronage on the prairies, as there are over fifty men who are dependent upon it for their “daily bread”.

The Leisure Hour, January 17, 1856


As lightning clears the air of impalpable vapours, so an incisive paradox frees the human intelligence from the lethargic influence of latent and unsuspected assumptions. Paradox is the slayer of Prejudice.

— James Joseph Sylvester, “On a Lady’s Fan, etc.”, Proceedings of London Mathematical Society, Vol. 6, 1875


This vice of all ages, of all countries, and all of states and condition of men — lost to all senses of religion, of honor, of affection, or shame, the deluded victim goes on, till reduced by loss, and having exhausted every resource, he looks around in stupid despair upon the ruins he had caused […] He stakes his arms, his garments of skin, and frequently his personal liberty on the venture; and thus in part at least, consents to pay in his own person the penalties of his infatuation.

Miscellaneous Scrap Book Vol. 1, 1834

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5 thoughts on “Gleanings From The Past #10

  1. Really good for me as it enabled me to look at the past and understand. The moving tavern is indeed useful for rail workers. If resurrected it may be a novel idea and I bet business will boom for others to try it, not rail workers😉

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