Quotable #16: Transience


“When told of a man who had acquired great wealth, a sage replied, ‘Has he also acquired the days in which to spend it?'” — Solomon Ibn Gabirol

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My name Edmark M. Law. I work as a freelance writer, mainly writing about science and mathematics. I am an ardent hobbyist. I like to read, solve puzzles, play chess, make origami and play basketball. In addition, I dabble in magic, particularly card magic and other sleight-of-hand type magic. I live in Hong Kong. You can find me on Twitter` and Facebook. My email is edmarklaw@learnfunfacts.com

15 thoughts on “Quotable #16: Transience

  1. Very true.. This reminded me of a recent story I read somewhere about a chinese man who spend all his life working hard and saving money and he when he died one day, his wife got married to his chauffeur. The Chauffeur comment was “I used to wonder why he is working so hard and now I realised he was working for me” 😬


    1. I have actually tried to spreadsheet my retirement burn-down and that involves trying to estimate your year of death.
      Now I need a formula for how much refined sugar, saturated fat, and general neglect I need to implement to hit my death target date so I can die with exactly $0 (don’t tell my kids).

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