This Is Not A Joque

Guy Hardy (1872-1947), a former Representative of Colorado, had an old newspaper clipping in his possession about the woes of a newspaper printer. Apparently, the letter “F” and “K” were missing in the supply of type. So, the printer of Rocky Mountain Cyclone had to improvise. He replaced letters that have identical sounds:

We begin the publication ov the Roccay Mountain Cyclone with some phew diphiculties in the way. The type phounder phrom whom we bought our outphit phor this printing ophphice phaled to supply us with any ephs or cays, and it will be phour or phive weex bephore we can get any. The mistaque was not phound out till a day or two ago. We have ordered the missing letters, and will have to get along without them till they come. We don’t lique the loox ov this variety ov spelling any better than our readers, but mistax will happen in the best regulated phamilies, and iph the ph’s and c’s and x’s hold out we shall ceep (sound the c hard) the Cyclone whirling aphter a phasion till the sorts arrive. It is no joque to us — it’s a serious aphair.

At least, they were able to publish their paper despite experiencing such difficulties.


Highland Echo, December 4, 1925


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19 Responses to This Is Not A Joque

  1. Arbie says:

    This is fantastic!

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  3. willo says:

    This is marvelous.

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  4. 🙂 Phinally, today, i get to read a spelling phormat with a little spunque!

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  5. gmmdf129 says:

    Reblogged this on FYI Trade Secrets and More! and commented:
    Great tradesmen find a way not an excuse or lame disclaimers.

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  6. Great spirit of Make It Happen Regardless!

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  7. Garfield Hug says:

    😂😂😂You have outdone yourself👍😃

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  8. Insanely funny. Ah those were indeed the days.

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  9. superwifeandmummy says:

    I’m still laughing! !! I am showing this to anyone who’ll listen!!!

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