How To Say “Good Grief, Charlie Brown!” In Various Provinces Of France

In the March 28, 1977, issue of the New York Times, Craig Claiborne related that a few years prior, he had reviewed a book about French cuisine. He felt that the book’s tone was ostentatious, and he also thought that the author didn’t know what he’s talking about. Hence, he ended his review with a rhetorical question, “How do you say ‘Good grief, Charlie Brown!’ in French?”

After a few days, Claiborne received a letter in reply to the question. He was surprised someone from Montreal took the question seriously. The letter informed him that “Good Grief, Charlie Brown!” has different translations in various provinces of France. These examples were listed:

ALSACE: Ça par example, Charlie Brown!

ANJOU: Le diable m’emporte, Charlie Brown!

AUVERGNE: Jarnicoton, Charlie Brown!

BOURGOGNE: Coquin de sort, Charlie Brown!

BRETAGNE: Sacre tonnère, Charlie Brown!

CHAMPAGNE: Par Bacchus, Charlie Brown!

GASCOGNE: Jarnique, Charlie Brown!

ILE DE FRANCE (Région Parisienne, surtout): Merde alors, Charlie Brown!

LANGUEDOC: Saperlipopette, Charlie Brown!

LIMOUSIN: Ma grande, jurée foue, Charlie Brown!

LORRAINE: Bon sang de bon sang, Charlie Brown!

NORMANDIE: Nom de Dieppe, Charlie Brown!

ORLEANS: Pétard de sort, Charlie Brown!

PICARDIE: Sacre nom d’une pipe, Charlie Brown!

PROVENCE: Ma fé de Dieou, Charlie Brown!

Claiborne remarked, “So the next time you dine in France you will know how to swear at the waiter in no matter what province.”

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