College Romance By Oshigbesan Adedeji

This is a guest post by Oshigbesan Adedeji of Adedeji Israel Pen Writes

College Romance

College Romance by Oshigbesan Adedeji


Two characters find themselves in the usual relationship web of feelings and sexual attraction but had vowed to keep the sex part out of it. Doing his have opened them up and made them vulnerable, especially Beth to sexual temptations which at her every attempt to avoid it leads to scandal and a torture on her academics. Friendlationship is the topic being treated here in this novel and Romance isn’t all about sex, it is sure a lifestyle for as many that can handle her temptations. Friendlationship is best described as that difference between dating couples and friendship.In this romantic drama, enjoy the twist of reality!

Here is an excerpt from the book:

He could tell she wanted his naughty busy arms around her waist more tightly but he doesn’t want to get over excited. He knows Beth is a smart young lady. After his much research about her from her High School, he knows too well than to try to out-smart her.

At the back seat, both are watching a movie in his car. She rests her thighs on his long legs and her head on his chest; she surely knew it wasn’t as broad as Ben’s chest.

By any imagination, she is in a very inconvenient position. But she did this inorder to avoid Logan’s searching hands from reaching her lower waist. But could that really be avoided in this situation?

Logan retreats his hands from finding her lower waists. He settles it on her exposed thighs pretending not to notice his own mischief. Beth shows no resistance so he decides to move up higher.

What luck is he today! Beth is not on jean despite the weather! Neither is her black skirt tight especially from her knee! He spy’s at her face, she seems to be so engrossed with the ‘science fiction movie’ she is watching.

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