No Broadband Internet For Today, Oh The Joy

I have never published a post using the WordPress mobile app since I find the app too wonky for my taste. While, the desktop version of WordPress is far from perfect, I would choose it over the app any day. Yes, the mobile app made it convenient for me to read posts, but I don’t like its editor.

But as the title said, my broadband Internet is down, therefore, I have no choice but to use the app. 

So, what happened to my Intermet connection? Who knows. While surfing the net earlier this morning, my Internet was suddenly disconnected. Using my limited computer knowledge, I had tried my best to fix the problem. I nearly wasted my entire morning but I still wasn’t able to solve the issue. 

So, I called my ISP’s IT support to see if they could be of help for once. Not surprisingly, when I told the IT support my problem, his initial response was to restart my computer. I then told him that I already did that and I had also restarted my modem, restarted my router, and many other “standard” procedures… so let’s just get to the point.
He asked me if I did something strange to the computer that may have caused the problem. I really don’t know but I doubt it. After all, while I’m no IT expert, I know what I am doing.

He then had me do a bunch of crap that didn’t even make any sense. When I told him that they all didn’t work, he replied that I may not have followed his instructions properly… give me a break.

After that, he gave me more instructions using a voice as if explaining some simple things to a child who couldn’t understand them. By then, he treated me like I am the missing link of evolution between a cell and a jellyfish. Upon realizing the futility of that conversation, I just told him to send a technician. 

Sadly, I’ll have to wait until Monday since they don’t have technicians during the weekend if I haven’t done a “reservation” during weekdays. 

Hopefully, the technician can quickly fix it on Monday.

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51 thoughts on “No Broadband Internet For Today, Oh The Joy

  1. While I dislike the WordPress mobile app, too, I do find it necessary to use it if I want to publish on Really Wonderful Things more often than once or twice a month. (I’m ferrying my kids all over, and I travel for my own pleasure whenever I can.)

    My solution is a Bluetooth keyboard. It doesn’t solve the WordPress app’s problems, but it does allow me to get my thoughts down and into the system in a reasonably comfortable way. I have to edit my posts at home on full site, however, to get the appearance how I want it. Some posts do seem to acquire persistent weird bits if they were created on the app. I’ve chosen to live with them and get the posts live anyway as perfection would be the enemy of timeliness here, and it’s no great loss.

    I prefer the Logitech K780 when a full size keyboard isn’t too bulky; its built in tray holds my iPad at a convenient angle for typing when I work at a desk or table. I carry a large lap desk in my van and work in the back seat quite ergonomically!

    I hope your broadband behaves better in future, but a Bluetooth keyboard might make it less awful while you wait if your internet does go down again.

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    1. When you have no choice, you have to make do of what’s available, like what I did.

      I don’t have any problem with typing using my smartphone. Ten years of practice (and five years of using Blackberry) made me pretty fast. Though it’s still quite awkward at times and I would prefer a keyboard anytime. And I also know HTML so I can format the post directly from the phone.

      However, the problem is with the app itself. The app would have some random bugs from time to time. Since the bugs are random, they usually can’t be reproduced when doing the same actions again. This makes reporting bugs difficult.

      Fortunately, the broadband is now fine.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. So sorry. How aggravating! I am blessed to have a friend that does IT. So he’s kind of on retainer. My hope is that you are up and running quickly. Even having a guy on retainer, it can still take too much time. Any time is too much right?

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    1. I have a lot of friends you know about IT (well, I have almost the entire IT department of my university as friends), but sadly, they didn’t able to help this time since the problem is on the ISP’s end. Fortunately, it’s fixed now.

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  3. the blues in this field of technology matter is really an usual fact i think it is because the rapid run of new version of app , protocols, et similia put everybody in the strange situation to be out-of-date in every moment of our ” life ” dont worry too much . ciao and have a nice sunday until monday .

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  4. ARGHHHH!!! I have every sympathy. I can tell you that when I have these issues the technician speaks to me in a tone that indicates that I am 1)old 2) an old woman 3) computer illiterate 4) a computer illiterate and possibly stupid old woman. I have actually been working on computers since most of these people were not even a twinkle in anyone’s eye! I hope Monday will bring you a solution.

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  5. It sounds a lot as if you got re-routed to a smart-arse twelve year old.from the ‘rapid finger typing’ sub-species. Every time something goes wrong at my place I’m told I’m in a black-spot and it will be better when they put up a new tower. I told them I could throw a rock at the closest tower and he said it was probably because I was too close and I asked him to move it a bit further away and he got a bit sarcastic and I hung up.

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      1. It happened a few times last night. Then there was another update. It is happening less but does it the odd time. I will let you know by the end of today if that update worked it out. Good luck with yours!

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  6. I agree with your points on WordPress desktop vs. mobile app. I can’t use the app for much more than reading because I have to retype so much. My fingers are great at finding the letter on all sides of the one I want (multiple time). I first started encountering smug, condescending IT techs in the corporate world in 1986. Things have gotten better with tech support since then but still their DNA is out there continuing to replicate.

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    1. I don’t like to use my smartphone to type since I always find it quite awkward. I can type rather quickly now but I’m not sure if I would ever get used to it.

      Ah, indeed! They were a lot more annoying back then considering that not that many were IT literate and IT-related guides were more difficult to find during those days.

      But as you said, there are still many of them out there…

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    1. Hmm, that’d be nice since I wouldn’t have wasted my time following some mumbo jumbo that wouldn’t work in the end. I wonder why I even bothered…

      Apparently, there’s a large demand of technicians during weekend, which is understandable.

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  7. Reminds me of a time when I had trouble with my connection and I went through all these things you describe – the useless advice, the accusations (Have you done anything strange to the computer? – Oh, yes, now that you mention it, I tried to feed it mashed potatoes. Could that have caused the problem?), and then that tone of voice, as if I was a baby or a very old aunt. I hope all this ends soon for you. Good luck!

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