A Tongue Twister Which Only Used Three Letters

tongue twister

Several months ago, I’ve posted about a Czech tongue twister which is vowelless. Here’s another curious tongue twister:

Barbara Ara bar Ara araba bara rabbabara. 

This is an Icelandic tongue twister which translates to “Barbara, daughter of Ari, brought the only rhubarb to Ari the Arab.” What’s interesting about this tongue twister is that it is only spelled with three letters.

Just for fun, try this English tongue twister:

Irish Wristwatch

This was shared a while ago by Garfield Hug.


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12 thoughts on “A Tongue Twister Which Only Used Three Letters

    1. Yes, it’s easy for me as well who can speak Tagalog and Spanish (my French isn’t fluent though :D). I’m sure that most of my fellow Chinese wouldn’t able to say it at all as they have difficulty with pronouncing the letter R.

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