Gleanings From The Past #48


We Regret the Error

Yet worse was the condition of the editor who, having in a touching obituary notice of a soldier described the deceased as a ‘battle-scarred veteran,’ was driven frantic to find in the morning that the types had made him write of a ‘battle-scared veteran.’ The next day he published the following apology for the blunder: ‘The editor was deeply grieved to find that through an unfortunate typographical error he was made to describe the late gallant Major H. as a “battle-scared veteran.” He tenders his sincerest apologies for the mistake to the friends and relatives of the deceased; but to every reader of this journal acquainted with the feats of the major, it must have been apparent that what the editor wrote was bottle-scarred veteran.’

Macmillan’s Magazine, Vol. 77, December 1897

Correcting an Error

Sydney Smith, preaching a charity sermon, frequently repeated the assertion, that, of all nations, Englishmen were most distinguished for generosity and the love of their species. The collection happened to be inferior to his expectations, and he said, that he had evidently made a great mistake, and that his expression should have been, that they were distinguished for the love of their specie.

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 41, 1837

In Praise of Ale

Bishop Still, who was none the worse a divine for loving a cup of jolly good ale; and although he was Bishop of Bath and Wells, he seems not to have been over fond of water. Thus, he sings:

A stoup of ale, then, cannot fail,
To cheer both heart and soul;
It hath a charm, and without harm
Can make a lame man whole.
For he who thinks, and water drinks,
Is never worth a dump:
Then fill your cup, and drink it up, —
‘May he be made a pump!’

Literary World, May 25, 1839

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3 thoughts on “Gleanings From The Past #48

  1. Well, the typographical correction now makes it sound as though the noble major was of Bishop’s Still opinion regarding the merits of ale, though perhaps partaking in the drink overmuch. I don’t suppose Macmillan’s Magazine followed up with an edit for their edit?


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