Another Poem With A Hidden Acrostic

In the September 29, 1888, edition of Weekly Wisconsin, the following strange enigma appeared, composed by an anonymous writer named “Maude”:

Perhaps the solvers are inclined to hiss,
Curling their nose up at a con* like this.
Like some much abler posers I would try
A rare, uncommon puzzle to supply.
A curious acrostic here you see
Rough hewn and inartistic thoโ€™ it be;
Still it is well to have it understood,
I could not make it plainer, if I would.

* contribution

Apparently, there is a hidden acrostic in this riddle. Your task is to find it.


The acrostic is not really well-hidden like the one written by Lewis Carroll. However, it is still easy to miss.

Read the first couple of letters of each line to find the concealed acrostic. It reads as: PECULIAR ACROSTIC.

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A Poem with a Hidden Acrostic

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