Quotable #50: Gradualness

Ivan Pavlov.jpg

“Firstly, gradualness. About this most important condition of fruitful scientific work I never can speak without emotion. Gradualness, gradualness, and gradualness. From the very beginning of your work, school yourselves to severe gradualness in the accumulation of knowledge.” — Ivan Pavlov, his advice to the academic youth, Science, Vol. 83, April 17, 1936


About Edmark M. Law

My name Edmark M. Law. I work as a freelance writer, mainly writing about science and mathematics. I am an ardent hobbyist. I like to read, solve puzzles, play chess, make origami and play basketball. In addition, I dabble in magic, particularly card magic and other sleight-of-hand type magic. I live in Hong Kong. I blog at learnfunfacts.com. You can find me on Twitter @EdmarkLaw and Facebook. My email is edmarklaw@learnfunfacts.com
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4 Responses to Quotable #50: Gradualness

  1. Abigail says:

    By this, is Pavlov recommending that learners take learning slowly, i.e. not cramming information on top of information in a striving to know more? That’s certainly a worthy thought. Learning, after all, is about understanding and thinking, not memorizing and regurgitating.


  2. 🙂
    Often, we are better off in not accumulating the so-called knowledge of others.


  3. masercot says:

    “Severe gradualness”? He hit on a very not especially important topic, there…


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