Buggy WordPress

This post is just a way for me to test if my post would appear on the WordPress Reader.

More than an hour earlier, I published a blog party post (where you can share your blog with us), but unfortunately, the post didn’t appear on the WordPress reader. I suspected that there was something wrong when after an hour of publishing it, the post only received 6 likes and 13 views. While I am not pretentious enough to assume that many people would “like” my post everytime I publish one, I still find it strange for this type of post to have a low stat since it’s always popular. So, I had a look at my WP Reader to see what on earth’s going on. It turned out that my blog post didn’t show up on the Reader (Yup, I follow my own blog).

This is not the first time it happened. When I encountered this glitch for the first time, the problem solved itself when my post appeared on the Reader an hour later. However, in this case, there’s no sign that the post would pop up on the Reader anytime soon. So, if you want to join the blog party and promote your blog, just click here to view the post.

For this week, this isn’t the only bug that I experienced. On Tuesday, when I posted the quote, the text didn’t show up even though it was there the whole time. I had to click “Update” for the text to appear.

Also, while compiling my Gleanings post yesterday, the post mysteriously vanished when I hit “Publish”. Even the WordPress Support staff that I contacted was baffled and can’t figure out what happened. Probably, it went to the “Internet Blackhole”, whererever that is. Luckily, the post was in a Word document. Hence, I only had to paste it.

In fairness to the WordPress Support, they’re very patient and helpful, and they tried hard enough. I had seen many types of “customer service” before and few of them live up to their name. I am glad that the WordPress Support is indeed supportive.

How about you? Did you experience any difficulties during the last few days while using WordPress? Or is it just an isolated case wherein I am one of the few unlucky fellows who encountered the bugs? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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My name Edmark M. Law. I work as a freelance writer, mainly writing about science and mathematics. I am an ardent hobbyist. I like to read, solve puzzles, play chess, make origami and play basketball. In addition, I dabble in magic, particularly card magic and other sleight-of-hand type magic. I live in Hong Kong. You can find me on Twitter` and Facebook. My email is edmarklaw@learnfunfacts.com

57 thoughts on “Buggy WordPress

  1. Months ago, I had written a poem to be published, all but the last few lines, disappeared. My personal critic heard the poem, approved of it, and “poof,” it’s gone. Most would assume they reluctantly deleted it themselves; I had not. The full poem had copied to FB.

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  2. I had a bizarre one where all the editing tools that appear on the right side of the page were not there. WordPress support grappled with it and finally came back with the idea that it was a browser issue. Going to the incognito window the support person suggested worked and then I cleared the cache. I like the Support at WordPress and they have helped me a lot even on a Sunday!!

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  3. I’ve not has trouble posting, but my comments were severely delayed yesterday. One comment just disappeared after I hit Post, so I wrote another one. I checked that blog post earlier and now both comments appear.

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    1. Comments in WP tend to disappear into the abyss. I’ve experienced that several times. Sometimes, they go to the spam comments while other times, they just completely vanish. For example, my reply to a comment on my blog yesterday disappeared without reason. It’s good that your comments reappeared since that’s not always the case.

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  4. Both of your posts are in my Reader, but I’m late coming online, so suppose the glitches have been fixed by now. However, I have had the same problems arise periodically and have had to repost. I learned early on to compose on my computer, then copy to WordPress, in order to be able to repost if necessary. Have found no rhyme or reason for the glitches, so far.

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      1. We actually cannot see it. But when you stop seeing the posts of those you have followed, I usually visit the site to see if the person has written anything. If so, and it usually is, click on following to unfollow and click back following. It works this way for me

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  5. I noticed about three weeks ago that I am no longer receiving emails notifications for most of the blogs that I follow. (I still receive them for a couple.) I only realised they had new posts when I saw them in the Reader (which I don’t often check).

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  6. I post an article about once a week. A couple of months ago a few of these went missing from the ‘Reader’. Seems to be an ‘intermittent problem’ (the worst kind to track down and fix).
    Note that if you have more than fifteen (total) tags and categories assigned to an article it won’t appear in the Reader at all.

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  7. I’ve experienced this as well, but I don’t normally schedule my posts. If within 10 minutes I don’t get action (I usually get something by then) I edit, go to settings, status, use the revert to draft option and hit publish again. This usually takes care of it and it has the original posting time. Hope this helps.

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  8. I’ve had no issues but I only post every few days. I posted an article last night and I have had no problems with it that I’m aware of though few have looked at it, but that might be due to the article rather than anything else.

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    1. I use the Reader occasionally: like you, I prefer to visit the sites themselves than to read articles within the Reader — but the Reader does offer the facility (a button you can press) to ‘visit the site’, so there’s not really a problem there.

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      1. Speaking of the Reader, it can be quite disconcerting to discover how some posts actually appear there.😮 😦 😧 😨 It seems that the Reader can sometimes be somewhat limited in how closely it reproduces contents of blogs, given that it has to deal with a wide range of blogs.

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  9. Some weeks ago 150 pictures vanished from my blog and library. It took me many hours to fix the problem. All this happened after spam comments from Russia. Now, comments in my blog are only open for new posts. Did not speak to support as I found them not at all helpful in questions of data-security and my rights in this regard.

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    1. It was most likely hacked.

      This is a problem with shared hosting a site. You don’t have control over the security of your site and you can’t implement your own security measures. I would have self hosted my own site (on my own server, preferably) if I only have the time.

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  10. Hi there!
    The post scheduler doesn’t work exactly how you think it should. The post scheduler stops a post from being published before a certain time. Once that time has been reached, your post is published next time there is traffic on your site. Unfortunately there is not a way around this. If you need your posts to publish at a specific time, I would suggest publishing them manually.
    If you have any additional questions please let me know!!!

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    1. I had problems with the scheduler before and I can’t figure out why it’s so unpredictable. That explanation makes sense. Before, the traffic on my site isn’t as good as the traffic now,, so sometimes, my post will be posted half an hour or so later while at other times, it will be posted a few minutes later.

      Now, since I constantly receive traffic from search engine and social media, my post immediately get posted according to schedule. And people knowing my posting schedule (5:00 PM Hong Kong time) also helps I suppose.

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  11. I asked support-Scheduling post is not working,how to fix it, because it may be that time is not properly set .I had selected time zone of Kolkata,as being from India,I reside in jaipur india,when for example I schedule post for 11july at 7 PM, despite confirming schedule from post publishing it fails to publish on time,when ask for immediate publish,it publish 13 hour back,what mess it is,I feel helpless.please guide how to fix proper time so that schedules success according to time of my native place. They replied-

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  12. Every once in a while my post doesn’t show up in the Reader. And it won’t “reappear”. As the occurrence is sufficiently rare (once ever few months) I usually repost as soon as I realise the problem and then it’s fine. Other bugs include: the “like” button not showing up in some emails to subscribers (haven’t had that one in a while), or a post made using a template randomly time-stamping itself with an old date which results in it appearing in the Reader, only posted at this old date, a week ago or something. This I can catch if I’m careful in the moment before I post.
    WordPress Support are by and large good, I agree.

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  13. Reader is saying that this post had been posted 12 minutes before I saw it there. My two posts this week have appeared on reader, and had the numbers of likes and comments that I usually receive so It must have been seen by other bloggers. Good luck with your future posts. i enjoy what you write and hope you do not vanish into the cyber ether.

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  14. 🙂 No, I haven’t. WordPress acts superbly on my end.
    I will speculate that your post showing up an hour after it was posted was probably a server issue.
    A few days ago, the comments from two friends of mine ended up in my spam folder (Now, that one is a weird glitch).

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