10 Things Students Should Keep in Mind for Performing Well in Any Exam

This is a guest post by Shreya Singh.


“Stay focused, chase your dreams, be motivated and keep moving forward” and nothing else can be a better approach to attain satisfaction in life. We all know and follow it too but what happens when the clock ticks a few days before the exam (be it regular or competitive)? Is it the stress of the exam that over-powers? Do you lack time management and that stands as a hindrance that deteriorates your strength? No matter what it is, we have found an easy solution for you to ace your exams under any circumstances — all you gotta do is stick to this plan!

1. Develop an Organized Plan

Would you go to a movie which has no script? Well no! Planning plays a crucial role in strategically preparing your mind for the upcoming events. While preparing for an exam, planning can help you in providing productive time throughout the day. You certainly need to plan about the number of hours you need to study, your smartly curated time budgeting, segmenting your study course wise, subjects for which you need clarifications and most importantly your practice session. With the combination of these elements, you can pump yourself up for any examination that comes your way.

2. Make Most of Your Study Time


Does your phone attract you when you finally set aside a planned time to study? And that’s where the hindrance is coming from! Firstly, you need to dedicatedly allocate time in terms of making a productive use of it with a calm mind at a planned time to commence with your studies. Secondly, allot timings for studies, breaks, revision and finalizing. Finally, strictly stick to your plan to treat yourself with ample time to study, revise, take a break and do practical sessions on the subject. This will not just make your study routine easier, but it will also enhance your capabilities of learning a and boost confidence in you and keep yourself positive

3. Get Plenty of Sleep 


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Mugging up the important chapters right before the exam will do no good. Instead, switch to smart studying where you get adequate sleep to fully function on the day of an exam. It enhances your memory focus and makes things easier for you. Adequate sleeping, staying motivated and boosting confidence is the key to cracking the toughest of the papers. Certain competitive exams such as CA that is full of stress, over-pressure and time management, proper sleep and ease them too and help you in keeping yourself motivated. With the right amount of time in hand, you can strategically budget your time and boost your mind for power energy to crack the toughest paper.

4. Build the Habit of Discussing the Topics 


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Ever heard about study buddies? If yes, that’s what you need to do. While keeping yourself focused towards your studies develop the habit of discussing your study topics (especially, the subjects you are skeptical about) to improve your skills, find the right direction of studies and to explore the unexplored spectrum of your subject.

5. Keep Yourself Motivated by Reading Toppers’ Interviews 

As human beings, all of us are entitled to use the specified amount of brain during our lifetime. Now, where does the difference arise amongst the average and the topper students? It’s the power of the brain and the strategic thinking that alters a path of each individual. Keep yourself motivated by reading the interviews of toppers across all the platforms, their way of studying the subject, and their smart work that acts as an add-on advantage. Once you are determined to ace your examination, you’re sure to achieve it without giving a second thought.

6. Utilise your Spare Time  


What do you during your break hours? As an aspiring student, it is quite difficult to distract your mind from thinking about the exam. It’s okay to feel the stress but don’t overdo it. When you get time from your preparations are, instead of overthinking about the exam and keep repeating answers in your head, instead switch to doing productive yet stress-free things. You can opt for online quizzes related to your exam or watch some motivational videos to boost your confidence or treat yourself with your favourite dish. These little treats to yourself provide effective results in refreshing you in a small window of time and keeping your mind positive.

7. Turn Your Focus Towards the Process and Away From the Outcome 

“The more you expect, the less you achieve,” so why rely on it? As an aspiring student, it is quite natural to think and rethink about securing the required marks and securing a place in the competition and that is not wrong either but from the strategic point of view, it can lead to disappointment. When you prepare your exam with any pre-defined expectations, failure and success won’t make much of a difference — what remains a fact is ‘you tried’. This doesn’t mean you need to divert your focus from studies, instead, keep yourself motivated and positive to complete each section of the course and write the exam with full confidence.

8. Make Use of Exam-Techniques 

istock_000006809044xsmall.jpg\Image: Open Clip Art

Why do you think prelims are important for a great theatrical show? Well! It trains your mind to focus on perfection with such combined efforts you master the art of specified skill. When it comes to exam the same concept need and applications into the mind of each aspiring candidates. Practicing the study papers, appearing for mock tests, making extra efforts to solve online questions, going through the exam pattern and check the list of any relevant paper that can serve your purpose is the most ideal approach to master your exam even before giving it.

9. Know What to do if Things Start to Feel Overwhelming 

“Relax,” it is not a do or die situation and hence, you need to keep your calm. Keep yourself focused and motivated but don’t overdo it if it starts to choke you. Talk to your friends and family and let the hurricane out of your mind. Remember, if the undaunting questions rising in your head seems like the dead end of the storm, your friends and family can be the sun shining in this situation. No matter what is bothering you from staying focused, you need to speak it out. Try it out, it helps!

10. No Last-Minute Studying 


Glancing through the textbook to mug up the important question right before the examination hall is one of the most common approaches found in almost all students. As a matter of fact, these last-minute studies do no good. In the hunt of mugging up the important question, you are likely to forget your solved equations. It is advised to refrain from any last-minute studies, instead, finish your studies a night before and wake with adequate sleep. This will ensure fresh mind and confident words on the paper, in the examination hall.

Words of Wisdom 

By now you must have had an idea about the strategic planning and smart work that can together help you in pushing yourself to surpass any examination. It is the combined effect of self-motivation, positive attitude and guided study that can help you attain flying colors. It is surely going to be difficult but trust us, it isn’t impossible — push yourself for a greater performance.

Shreya Singh is a freelance writer since 2012. She is an alumnus of the University of Delhi and has done her post graduation in English literature. She has more than 5 years of experience in writing in various domains like education, lifestyle and technology. In her free time, she loves sharing travel experiences, so that it helps others when they travel.

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6 thoughts on “10 Things Students Should Keep in Mind for Performing Well in Any Exam

  1. Thanks for your insights. I shared this before: I was never one to get good grades, except during middle school, during which I gave my all, reasonably. When I went to college, I aced the first two years, but the level of study was too much and I tanked my third year, going academic probation. So I worked. And worked. And upon returning to the university, I decided that to get good grades, I would take a major I liked, but also take additional classes that were motivational. I also decided I would need a better way for learning and getting good grades, one that didn’t require endless rereading and study. This is what I learned: 1) All learning is related to each other (What I learn in one class often applies to other classes.), 2) I can read the coursework while the teacher is lecturing, taking notes, and pretty much doing all my study right in the classroom, 3) Writing simple summary notes in the book by each paragraph often encapsulates what is being said. Also, drawing pictures of what I understand also encapsulates and makes study easier. Sometimes, quite often, rereading those sidebars and looking at the pictures is enough study. I might then scan the book to see if I missed anything. I wasn’t too concerned with what I had to study once I knew the format of the teachers’ tests. 4) I reduced study from 2+ hours a night to an hour or so a week. I just had to understand what the teacher was sharing.

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