Don’t You Know Me?

English novelist Anthony Trollope related the following story which occurred in 1872 in his autobiography, posthumously published in 1883:

I came home across America from San Francisco to New York, visiting Utah and Brigham Young on the way. I did not achieve great intimacy with the great polygamist of the Salt Lake City. I called upon him, sending to him my card, apologising for doing so without an introduction, and excusing myself by saying that I did not like to pass through the territory without seeing a man of whom I had heard so much. He received me in his doorway, not asking me to enter, and inquired whether I were not a miner. When I told him that I was not a miner, he asked me whether I earned my bread. I told him I did. ‘I guess you’re a miner,’ said he. I again assured him that I was not. ‘Then how do you earn your bread?’ I told him I did so by writing books. ‘I’m sure you’re a miner,’ said he. Then he turned upon his heel, went back into the house, and closed the door.

Trollope remarked that he was appropriately punished as he was too conceited to assume the man have heard his name.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t You Know Me?

  1. Two points of view. One: the receiver who was too conceited or scared to receive a newcomer. Two: the “miner” who was baffled and felt rejected as an admirer.

    If only we could see both points of view at the time needed.

    Great story. Thanks.

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  2. A fascinating story ; what a peculiar man Brigham Young must have been , he was certainly not given to hospitality. I suspect he was used to interrogating and had a suspicious mind.

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