Rhyming van Gogh


People have been arguing on how to pronounce Vincent van Gogh’s surname for years (even when there’s really nothing to debate about). An amusing little verse composed by Joe Ecclesine titled “Van Gogh, Van Gogh, Van Gogh” is an apt illustration of this:

It seems rather rough
On Vincent Van Guff,

When those in the know
Call him Vincent Van Go

‘Cos unless I’m way off
He was Vincent Van Gogh.

Nonetheless, Ecclesine neglected to include the Dutch pronunciation.

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13 thoughts on “Rhyming van Gogh

    1. It first appeared on the letter of Charles Ollier, eherein he said that his son William came up with it. For some reason, they attributed it to Shaw. I guess that this was because Shaw was an ardent advocate of spelling reform back then.


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