Next Generation: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This is a guest post by Ethan Gilmore

About Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As the name suggests, artificial intelligence is something artificial and exists contrary to the natural intelligence possessed by living beings.  Humans are greatly fascinated by the discovery of this branch of science that can make computers and robotics to think, learn, solve, memorize, plan, learn languages and even work which are mostly the functions of the human mind.  Every machine created by man ranging from the automatic teller machine and mobile phones to the impressing human-like robotic units fall under this roof of science.


What Do People Suggest?

There are some who put forward the question whether strong Artificial intelligence can ever be achieved, and others who keep on pressing the fact that the creation of superintelligent artificial Intelligence is guaranteed to be beneficial.  We could recognize both these possibilities at the same time we also see the potential of an artificial intelligence system to create intentional or unintentional harm. We believe that the research we do today will help us to prepare better and prevent such potentially negative consequences in the future.

Some Prime Examples

ai 1.jpg

Main certain things of artificial intelligence include the search engines, Skype which can automatically translate from one language to another, Facebook’s facility of describing images to blind people, the Google Assistant, SIRI and many more.  Researchers claim America and China to be superpowers in the field of artificial intelligence ranging from facial recognition to automatic cars.  Of the world’s data, China and America hold 30% each.

Influence of Artificial Technology over the World

Artificial intelligence has influenced every nook and corner of the world. It is almost present in every field that is present at this point. It has reduced human labor and time to a greater extent.  It can maintain statistical data and calculations more effectively.  Artificial intelligence is also used in armed forces to ensure the security of a country.


The mechanism of artificial intelligence is mainly based on algorithms. Basically, an algorithm is a set of unambiguous set of rules that are provided to the computer. So that it can carry out the work needed by the provider. But the concept of programming computers to do works can end up dangerously as well, as it lacks common sense, emotions, and psychology when compared to humans.  A computer does things whatever you programmed it to do, and this can be a severe drawback when humans who programme make errors as that can result in great blunders.

Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous for Humanity?

Scientists have also put forth some questions regarding artificial intelligence that threaten humankind. Computers possessing artificial intelligence have the potential of thinking far smarter than humans, and we have no means of predicting how they will behave.  Artificial intelligence can achieve things that are centuries far away from human thinking. Therefore, there are chances that it can outrule us. Human beings are seen ruling the earth only because they are smarter than other animals, but what if something arises more superior to us to the extent that controls us?

ai 3.jpg

Many Artificial intelligence researchers may roll their eyes while they read this particular line of horror: “Stephen Hawking warns that rise of robots may be disastrous to mankind.”  And there are so many articles which say the same thing that it’s even hard to count. A number of them predicted that in the future, we may see evil-looking robots carrying frightening weapons, and they suggest we should worry about computerized robots rising to power and killing us because they have become conscious.  On a lighter note, such articles are rather impressive, because they succinctly summarize the scenario that Artificial Intelligence doesn’t worry about. That scenario combines as many as three misconceptions such as consciousness, evil and robots.

The thought of autonomous weapons is both exciting and terrorizing, on the other hand, artificial intelligence can also be used to deal with the aftermath of war and bring it to reasonable terms. Such a misconception is related to the myth that typical machines can’t have goals.



There are many surveys which state that artificial intelligence is seen to replace the human skills of the workforce and logical reasoning. This has eventually resulted in the unemployment of men and usage of machines in every sector. We have reached a phase in which we could not survive in our zone of comfort without the help of artificial intelligence. Hence, it is equally important to manage Artificial Intelligence in the best way possible for the progress of humankind.

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5 thoughts on “Next Generation: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  1. Great article! It’s very interesting to read about all the changes in the AI industry. I feel it is a great opportunity for greater knowledge and expansion. It is so surprising how people sometimes are not realizing how important AI is in our everyday life. However, I am dropping here a very interesting article connected with the AI topic where you can find some mind-blowing facts Keep the great work going!


  2. Do you think AI’s Achille’s heel is its energy requirements? An average human powers at about 100W whereas an average laptop is about twice that. A robot, I imagine, would be much much more. Even data banks consume a staggering amount, it’s been predicted that all the world’s data banks will demand a fifth of the world’s power generation by mid century.
    And humans don’t require batteries and are entirely off-grid.
    There is a nightmare scenario of biological AI, of course, but it would suffer the same pathological vulnerabilities as us.


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