A Welsh Verse Which Only Consists of Vowels


The following short Welsh verse on the silkworm only contains vowels. Note that there are seven vowels in Welsh, namely, a, e, i, o, u, w, and y:

O’i wiw ŵy i weu ê â a’i weuau
O’i ŵyau e weua;
E’ weua ei ŵe aia’.
Ai weuau yw ieuau iâ.

It can be translated as:

I perish by my art,
Dig my own grave:
I spin my thread of life;
My death I weave.

I found this gem from an article titled “Essays on the Origin and the Character of the Welsh Language” published in the 1807 edition of The Annual Register.

I’d like to share with you another short Welsh verse from the same article which you may find interesting:

Tán a dŵr yn ymriaw,
Y w’r taranau dreigiau draw.

Here’s the translation:

The roaring thunder, dreadful in its ire,
Its water warring with aerial fire.

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