Peculiar Symbols in the Looking Glass

One day, when Alice entered the looking, she noticed a sign depicting a peculiar group of symbols:

19 01 26 16 07 14.png

“What are those symbols?” Alice mused. “They seem to be some sort of secret code or a foreign alphabet.” After some time, Alice realized the real meaning of the symbols.

“It’s a sequence with a pattern!” Alice exclaimed.

Understanding the pattern would make it an easy matter to deduce the next symbol in the sequence. Can you also figure out what the symbol means?

Solution (Click to Show)

Alice discerned that everything is reflected in the looking glass. The symbols represent numbers 1 to 7. You can clearly see that on the right side of the symbols. The left side shows the reflection of the numbers. So, the next symbol in the sequence is a figure “8” with a corresponding reflection, i.e. two 8s side-by-side.

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