Lost in Time

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John Gottschalk, former CEO of Omaha World-Herald told the Readers’ Digest the following quaint story:

Last summer we drove our 1915 Ford Model T to an antique automobile show in a neighboring town. When we arrived, I was told that a business client wanted me to visit him at his nearby farm. Later that day we set out.

Unfamiliar with the roads, I stopped my vintage automobile, got out and walked up to a local resident who was mowing his lawn.

“I believe I’m a little lost,” I began.

The man looked from me to the Model T. “You certainly are, mister,” he agreed. “This is 1986!”

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My name Edmark M. Law. I work as a freelance writer, mainly writing about science and mathematics. I am an ardent hobbyist. I like to read, solve puzzles, play chess, make origami and play basketball. In addition, I dabble in magic, particularly card magic and other sleight-of-hand type magic. I live in Hong Kong. You can find me on Twitter` and Facebook. My email is edmarklaw@learnfunfacts.com

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