Testimony from Beyond


The following is a transcript during the trial of a contest over two wills left by Mr. Walter of Arkansas:

Q: When did you last see Walter?

A: At the funeral.

Q: Did he make any comment to you at that time?

A: No.

“I have wondered who might have been the most relieved that the answer was no,” the judge later remarked,  “the jury, the opposing parties, the mortician, or the doctor who signed the death certificate.”

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Arkansas Supreme Court (1982). Reports of Cases at Law and in Equity Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Arkansas, Vol. 276.


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13 thoughts on “Testimony from Beyond

  1. If someone can make another laugh, that one I say is blessed… Or they offer wine, and now I’m missing wine…

    Loved your post … And Wine story is a true story, so I’m running to the shop to get some cheap bubbles. 😘

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  2. Probably the doctor!

    Since eight years of medical school only prepares them to diagnose illness, prescribe meds, order procedures and make referrals to other doctors who somehow are more specialized in one small area!

    Determining if someone is dead!
    Well that’s not my particular speciality you know!

    By the way … I have the distinction of having been fired by two doctors!

    I kid you not!

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    1. I think that doctors these days are better at determining whether somesone is dead as we now seldom have cases of people being buried alive. It’s more common in the past (they’ve seen several coffins with scratch marks and there were several accounts of waking waking up in their own funerals).

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  3. This post and your most recent “Pun of the Weak” post are two of the many reasons I enjoy reading the blogs I follow on quiet Sunday mornings, as well as every other morning. You make a lot of people smile, chuckle, laugh and guffaw at times when they need it. You also make us think. A lot. Thank you, you have such a great blog and such great posts.

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