Dedication of a Milkman


Clyde Priest of Hannibal, Missouri, who had been delivering milk to five generations of patrons, finally retired in 2006 after long years of doing outstanding service. The 80-year old milkman had been doing it for 70 years.

Priest started working as a milkman when he was 10 to help his father. During his 70 years of work, he had outlived 8 local dairy companies where he obtained his goods.

On July 20, 2006, Priest had undergone an emergency appendectomy which forced him to reluctantly retire. While he was confined in the hospital, his family made his final delivery for him.

“My theory all these years has been: You could buy milk anywhere, so the only thing I got to sell is my personal service. That was my philosophy,” Priest said.

This philosophy of his enabled him to garner the trust of the residents. They allowed him to place the milk, ice cream, and other dairy products they ordered to their refrigerators when they were not home.

“I loved every minute of it,” he said. “I would say if you are willing to work and dedicate yourself to it, you can succeed.”

To become successful in any field or venture, you have to be willing to work extra miles. If people see that you put your heart into it, you would gain their respect regardless of your job description. I know, many people these days only “respect” those who have high-paying jobs. Nonetheless, there are still others who aren’t that petty. I, for one, appreciate the work done by Mr. Priest, even though I don’t personally know him.

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Farmington Daily Times, August 23, 2006

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8 thoughts on “Dedication of a Milkman

  1. What a heartwarming story about your milkman Priest. Not all come with such deep and true
    philosophy of life. There are no milkmen where I live now but in one place up north I stayed with one because he tried so hard. He was friendly but got his math wrong.
    Never mind, we sorted.

    Far and few in between are those who go that extra mile.


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  2. This is wonderful. I grew up during the days of unlocked doors and a milkman who knew he always could snatch a cookie or three from the kitchen, even though we had an insulated box by the back door where we left the empty bottles for him to pick up as he left the new delivery.

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