The Sunken City

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The following poem is written by German poet Wilhelm Mueller (1794 – 1827) and translated to English by James Clarence Mangan (1803 – 1849):

Hark! the faint bells of the sunken city
Peal once more their wonted evening chime!
From the deep abysses floats a ditty,
Wild and wondrous, of the olden time.

Temples, towers, and domes of many stories
There lie buried in an ocean grave, —
Undescried, save when their golden glories
Gleam, at sunset, through the lighted wave.

And the mariner who had seen them glisten,
In whose ears those magic bells do sound,
Night by night bides there to watch and listen,
Though death lurks behind each dark rock round.

So the bells of memory’s wonder-city
Peal for me their old melodious chime;
So my heart pours forth a changeful ditty,
Sad and pleasant, from the bygone time.

Domes and towers and castles, fancy-builded,
There lie lost to daylight’s garish beams, —
There lie hidden till unveiled and gilded,
Glory-gilded, by my nightly dreams!

And then hear I music sweet upknelling
From many a well-known phantom hand,
And, through tears, can see my natural dwelling
Far off in the spirit’s luminous land!

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The Dublin University Magazine, June 1842

See Aso:

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3 thoughts on “The Sunken City

  1. Beautifully written. The mysterious setting and mystic in general gives a strong
    feeling of a dream. A dream where sorrow and loss.
    I love the ending :

    And, through tears, can see my natural dwelling
    Far off in the spirit’s luminous land! ”


    Liked by 2 people

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