8-Step Process to Establish Your Business with WordPress Web Development

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This is a guest post by Shailendra Girish Kadulkar.

Online businesses are no more a new concept to discuss. There are already a great number of websites carrying out business activities with complete interest and remarkable progress. The fact that you’re surfing across the content indicates clearly that you have decided to leap through the world of WordPress web development.

Well, starting up a freelance business or even an agency of your own is never something easy. It would certainly not be something you decide on a day and get it executed. There are numerous precautions, decisions, and preparations that you need to do. There are many details you need to get through when you are looking into bootstrap a WordPress business.


This is not at all the case where you announce a day before that you are starting up a business and get it all to reality the next day. There are a lot more things that need to be done in between here. Here are the steps you need to keep up with:

1. Formulate a Business Plan

Before you really start up with some work, you need to clarify what it is exactly about. Without a clear plan of a business, there are chances that you may have to overwork, on entering into deals that aren’t lucrative enough.

Be ready with the official statement of your business mentioning what your business will actually do. This would be a description and mission statement mentioning various goals and procedures.

2. Assess Finances

Well, this could lead you to struggle the most. It may be really hard to set out a perfect price for products before you really start operating. Nevertheless, this is something you cannot skip.

Once you have considered the business upfront costs, cost of assets and maintenance etc, you would need to recognize the cost of website development that would be involved. Moreover, when you choose to develop your website with WordPress, costs are going to be laid lower than any other options available.

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3. Create Your Business Website

This is, after all, the most important thing you were working for. To get your website created, consider the steps below:

  • Purchase a domain: You will first need to purchase a domain when you don’t have one. For most of the websites, a domain name can be purchased during the purchase of a hosting.
  • Purchase a hosting plan: You further need to purchase and settle for a hosting plan from one of the best companies that specialize in WordPress hosting. However, be sure that the developers are WordPress friendly and handle all matters perfectly well.
  • Install WordPress Software on the server: Though there may be some security holes, most of the hosting companies would suggest installing WordPress on their server. You can seek guidance for installing WordPress manually.

4. Showcase your Skills through a Portfolio

If you do not have a portfolio and are just starting up, it’s good to find some ways and remedies to gather experience, knowledge, and confidence within a couple of days. You can design sample sites or sites pro bono to showcase your work perfectly.

Try developing different types of sites that emphasize some different design techniques. Viewer and visitors do not want dozens of average designed websites; they just need 2 to 3 excellently set website that does well with aesthetic appeal, user experience, and innovation.

5. Necessary Software and Equipment

You would require various tools and equipment to keep your business working well. Therefore, first, focus on gathering all of them. Look for a dedicated workspace and proper computer system so that there is no point left out.

WordPress is all free; however, it is good to spend on several WordPress plugins like the WordPress Security and WordPress Backup Plugins. There is also a WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit with all the important tools that would help to build and run a website. This toolkit includes plugins, themes, training and more.

6. Business Promotion Plan

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You need to be informative about the services you offer and the ways to contact you. You need to raise a brand. For this:

  • Design a logo
  • Create a presence on social media
  • Craft a mission statement

You need to grab various opportunities and develop a proper client base. Well, having an initial client base doesn’t mean that you should stop. It is always good to promote your business more and more.

7. Establish Pricing Point

To approve the pricing policies and points follow, customers would consider your experience, knowledge, and confidence. It is quite certain that if you lack in any of these, you will have to keep the prices low.

Hence, make sure to consider the various elements you need to know in order to be able to charge your clients appropriately.

8. Simplify your Work

There are many capable project management tools that can be used to simplify and maintain a consistent workflow.

  • You may use Trello to manage different projects and organize tasks easily. It is free and equally easy to work with.
  • Asana could be another probable way to track teamwork and organize various projects.

Beyond Project and task management these would also allow managing multiple WordPress sites with iThemes plugins. There are monthly WordPress maintenance plans so that you can work well with respect to your website’s performance.

Keeping track of all the steps taken and the process is important. This would also be helpful in case any problems occur. Having the list of things and the ways of doing them, would help in faster recognition of mistakes which is further helpful in solving the problem.

Building a business, starting from nothing and attaining the goal of becoming something would take some special and extra efforts. With WordPress web development things are however going to be comparatively easier.

Following the most appropriate processes, if the start is perfect, things would be perfect further also. You may surely be able to scale the progress perfectly when you keep up with the points above. Moreover, it is always suggestible to get through some more researches.

Shailendra Girish Kadulkar:

When you’re seeking progressive pathways in the competent areas of web development, e-commerce, SEO and various database designing prospects, Mr. Shailendra Kadulkar and his team at Movinnza efficiently come up with the most logical and upstream solutions for even the simplest requirements. With over 15 years of specialization in creative and strategic web designing solutions that are absolutely reliable and SEO friendly his knowledge and skills are apt enough to help you tackle complex business issues and technical disturbances. He specializes in dealing with various marketing platforms and guidance for handling the transformations that may arrive. The illustrations of his work are exhibited well with the community of clients and their positive reviews.

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6 thoughts on “8-Step Process to Establish Your Business with WordPress Web Development

  1. Great post, very detailed in helping us understand what we should think about in creating a business website. Would be nice to understand cost of developing a business website, is it a flat rate, paid by the hour, etc. Maintaining a site, again cost and what is involved.


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