Oops: A Taxing Error


While browsing the news archive of United Press International (UPI), I came across an article published on November 18, 1993, which contained an amusing blunder. The article was about Dewi Sukarno, widow of Indonesia’s first president, receiving compensation from the Indonesian government:

The government said Thursday it has paid a $2.85 million to Dewi Sukarno, the Japanese-born widow of Indonesia’s first president, to compensate her for a house she was given by her late husband.

The minister of state, Secretary Murdiono, told Indonesian reporters on board an airplane from Tunis to Seattle, that a piece of land owned by Dewi in the western Java city of Bogor also would be returned immediately to her.

The land has been occupied by a government agency. Murdiono said the compensation paid to Dewi was $2.85 million, or $2.38 billion after taxes.

Obviously, the article meant $2.38 million.

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