Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Romania



This is a guest post by Marta Gajin.

Romania is a “great unknown of Europe.” The harsh decades of communism past made this county struggle to keep up with the rest of Easter Europe let alone the rest of the developed world. But, through the ashes of the demolished economy risen the new Romania with a modern face and one of the biggest nightlife hubs that you can find in Europe. There are many stereotypes and curiosities that pop up in our heads when we hear about this nation but all of them vanish once you step in its borders. The beautiful Carpathian mountains with the most unique leafy forests in Europe or just that amazing spirit of the Balkans, their music, their art, dances, and the way of life that you won’t find elsewhere. Even tho this country transformed itself into a modern economy its still full of secrets that have yet to be discovered. So without further ado, let us take a look at some of the most interesting facts regarding this beautiful country.

1. Bucharest Has the Largest Indoor Beach Complex in Europe


Something that you don’t expect to find from a continental capital and yet one of the most attractive spots according to all the crews that came for their Romania stag do weekend. The total price of this unique project was 50 million euros. The water is pumped from more than 3 kilometers underground and has a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius (91F). The environment inside is magnificent: a giant botanical garden with more than 800.000 plants! Visitors can admire the 1,200 trees planted outside, 3,000 inside and 500 palm trees, which represents another superlative – the largest palm plantation in Europe!

2.  Its Capital Has the Largest Administrative Building in The World

romania (2)

Built by the former ruthless Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu, the Bucharest Parliament Palace, also known as the House of the People, is the largest civil administration building and the second largest building in the world after only behind the Pentagon. The very fact that hundreds of people lost their lives in an attempt to build it make thousands of visitors annually look at it with amazement for hours. During your visit, you’ll only see 5% of the structure, but you will be able to step onto the balcony and admire the view of the city panorama just like the notorious dictator use to do when he addressed important notes to the large crowds.

3.  Romania Has One of the Fastest Internet Connections in the world


A very unusual fact and something that you expect to find in the most developed countries of the world. But surprisingly that is not the case. For example, the price of 1 Gbps in Romania represents a similar percentage of the average price of 50 Mbps in Spain. With a rule of “eight euros per 1 Gbps symmetric” this Balkan country today provides 3 million users with a connection faster than 100mbps. Even then European Parlament in Brussels stated that the whole EU is looking to increase its internet connection standards according to those found in this country.

4. Romanian Is the Only Romance Preserved Language in Europe


Most people believe that the Romanian language is very similar to those spoken in Russia or in other Slavic countries, but in reality, Romanian is a Romance language closely related to Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. What’s more, out of all these previously stated countries the Romanian language is the most “Roman” today. Next time you ask yourself how did the ancient Romans speak look for some Romanian movies and you will find your answer right away.

5. The Decébalo Statue in Orsova Is the Largest Rock Sculpture in Europe

Decébalo Statue.jpg

Somewhere along the Serbian border and near the small town of Orsova, there is a 55m high rock sculpture representing Decebalus, the last king of Dacia. The monument is the largest rock sculpture in Europe and can only be reached by boat. Thousands of visitors come to witness this amazing sculpture every year and what is even more fascinating is that no one really knows how it got built in the first place. The sculpture is in breathtaking natural surrounding overlooking the river and this proves to be the great starting point while exploring this beautiful European country.


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