Tips and Facts of Choosing Top Quality Watercolor Tattoos

This is a guest post by Jack Louis.

Tattoo art is not only a passion for many, but it’s also an artistic way of expression, a thought is depicted in the form of art on your skin. When it comes to vivid colors, the magnificent blending of colors in regenerating life into the art, you simply cannot ignore one form of tattoo art which is top quality watercolor tattoos. To simply state watercolor tattoos are designed and painted in such a way that they depict watercolor paintings and to illustrate watercolor paintings colors are faded together so that they blend into each other.

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Watercolor Tattoos without Definite Black Border

Watercolor has a typical characteristic appeal of getting blended. In the tattoo art, top quality watercolor tattoos come in two distinguished categories one of which is defined with art and image tattoo works with no black borders. However, the absence of black borders does not mean that the artworks have to be completely devoid of borders. Borders in such tattoos are defined in other colors. The most artistic appeal of these tattoos come from the colors which melt over the edges, blending with the skin at a point, not defining the edges yet bringing them to life. These are known actually for this distinguished nature of faded edges, smooth blend, and play of colors.

The final effect of such top quality watercolor tattoos comes as of like body paints rather than tattoo owing to their superb blend into the skin.

Watercolor Tattoos with a Black Border

This type of tattoo art is based on a black foundation. Here either the colors are mounted on top of the black artwork base or simply used to fill in between the lines and borders. On the completion of the work, you can definitely feel as well as visually sense the presence of a definite border, which defines the complete tattoo art.

How the Base Differentiates the Work

  • Top quality watercolor tattoos with black base offer greater visual contrast compared to the ones without black base or border, since these tattoos have a defining edge, a clarified contrast drawn among colors with the black border.
  • The contrast of colors is better depicted.
  • They are believed to stay longer compared to top quality watercolor tattoos without a black base or border. Black base happens to fade slowly compared to the other colors.

water color tattoos online.jpg

However, the main challenge of this type of tattoo art complex with the expertise required to incorporate black seamlessly and naturally as a part of shading and color blending instead of just defining as borders. While most of the tattoo artists are easily capable of drawing the border lines, shading and blending is a skill with rare masters.

Why Watercolor Tattoos

The best advantage of taking up top quality watercolor tattoos as your tattoo art option is that they have a great range of hues, which can often bring images to life like impression and vibrancy. Therefore, some of the most common tattoo images chosen for this type include that of birds, butterfly, insects, abstract art, which need a lot of hues to depict.

  • They look stunning and outstanding.
  • They look authentic.
  • They bring no harm to the skin and they are safe.
  • They last long.

Therefore, if you seek a tattoo to express the true and passionate colors of your thoughts and images, which are indeed vibrant in themselves, you can pick up watercolor tattoo work. Choose your tattoo artist wisely and with some thorough research work, to make sure you own some fine and playful blending of colors in your tattoo, the true spirit of this type.

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