3 Tips to Find the Right Chemistry App to Help You With Learning

This is a guest post by Camila Grace.

If you are new to the chemistry world or a seasoned student, there are applications for each and everyone in between that can make learning easy and portable. But there is a lot out there so you do you know how to find the right app for you? I have done some research to help guide you through some key points that will help you find your best chemistry app. Check out the link below as well to discover some of these great applications.

Top 10 Apps For Learning Chemistry

Always Start with the Basics


If you want to learn chemistry, you need to start at the beginning and that means finding an app that will explain the basics and help you get comfortable with a few of the concepts of chemistry.

A good idea would be to look for an app that helps you memorize formulas and definitions of concepts. This kind of app would be a great study tool to help you retain the new information and let learning these new concepts feel easier by using tools like flashcards.

Chemistry is a broad term with many different categories. If you are not sure which area you would like to study, you should find an app that gives you insight into the different studies, including organic and biochemistry. That way you can get the general idea of each of the studies and decide which one you are drawn to learn about more.

Understanding Concepts with the Help of Interactive Tools

As your chemistry studies proceed, look for an app that allows you to practice at different levels. This way as you journey through different topics and information you can stay focused.

Sometimes memorizing is tedious, so flashcards can get boring pretty quick. Find an app that provides games to help you retain information on formulas, definitions, and much more. Games can be so helpful in learning the information whereas some students might have a hard time focussing on textbooks.

Not everyone learns things the same way. If you don’t feel like studying for an exam in the traditional way works for you, try an app that offers different learning techniques for your next big project. Try using mnemonic techniques, learn to use songs to help you retain more information, or use the chunking technique to group rules together. These kinds of learning techniques can be used for all subjects, so it’s great to learn them as they will make any subject a little bit easier to master.

Use Formulas and Equations to Solve Problems Fast

chemistry formula

There are so many different formulas and equations for different problems, a great app to have in your pocket would have these formulas readily available to you when you are trying to complete an exam or assignment.

An app that also gives tutorials on different formulas and equations would be really helpful if you’re not exactly confident with knowing them by heart or when to use them.

The more you understand about how an equation works and when it is necessary to use it, the more you will feel confident about your chemistry skills and feel better about putting them into practice.


The world of chemistry is vast, but its all at your fingertips, you just need to know what you’re looking for.  A combination of apps giving you quick references to formulas, teach you through games for memorization, and basics to keep you rooted in the beginning concepts of chemistry are all important to your success in this field. Now it’s time to go find all the apps that will help you along the way.

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