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Poem: Today I Am Despairing

This is a guest post by E.L. Sonder. Today I am despairing, for all the world is wearing, on my weary, worried soul. Perhaps I will be broken, no matter the words spoken, towards my fruitless goal. If my actions … Continue reading

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4 Sleep Myths That May Be Hurting Your Sleep

This is a guest post by Sarah Cummings As children, we were lead to believe that bedtime stories were A Good Thing. Which, more often than not, they were. They led us into some wonderful dreamscapes, filled with princesses, talking … Continue reading

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A Way To Glowing Health

This is a guest post by Joe Malone While reading The World as I Found It by Bruce Duffy (1987), a novel about the social and philosophical interactions between Wittgenstein, Russell, and Moore, I came upon the following, referencing Bertrand Russell … Continue reading

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16 Fun Facts About Shoes By The Numbers (Infographic)

This is a guest post by Paula Casey. Shoes are a major part of our lives in that they protect our feet providing comfort and support to get from point A to point B safely. They aren’t just a necessity … Continue reading

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How Blogging Saved My Marriage

This is a guest post by Dominique Nancy. I thought how I got into Blogging might make some of you laugh. Two years ago, I was concerned that my husband’s online gaming might mess up our marriage. We all know … Continue reading

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Kobold King

This is a guest post by Paul Carburn. So sat the Kobold King, in his fiefdom of dismay. Tapping with his gnarly ring, the captives on display. He counted them for all he could, but had to start anew. Like … Continue reading

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The Nativity of Christ: When Was Jesus Born?

Presepe by Francesco Londonio, circa 1750 This is a guest post by Souptik Banerjee. The Gospel of Mathew states that the Magi (a group of wise men) spotted a new star that cropped up in the sky and used it … Continue reading

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