Become A Contributor

Do you have any fun facts you would like to share? Or perhaps, do you have some insightful writings, poetry or photography that you would like to be seen by a larger audience? If so, I cordially invite you to become a contributor to Learn Fun Facts.

Content Guidelines

I am looking for articles that contain fun facts, curious oddities or anything that is not generally known. Don’t worry, you have a large leeway here as I accept articles from a wide range of topics, including:

  • Art
  • Culture & Society
  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Humor
  • Language
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Oddities
  • Puzzles
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Trivia

In addition, you may also submit articles on the following topics:

  • Anecdotes
  • Books
  • Business
  • Education
  • Fashion & Style
  • Fiction
  • Food
  • Games (Recreational Games, Board Games, Video Games, etc.)
  • Guides (Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, etc.)
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Philosophy
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Poetry
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Reviews (Books, Movies, etc.)
  • Travel
  • Writing

As you can see, you have a large number of topics to choose from. Select any topic which you prefer. You may also write an article which encompasses multiple topics. For example, you could write about the history of fashion, a poem about science, or anything in between.

It’s all right if you don’t see a topic of your interest from the list. Just ask me (through email or in the comment section) and I’ll let you know whether I would accept an article on a particular topic.

Submission Guidelines

How to Submit

Submit your article to After writing your article, save it as a text file (.txt) or a Word document (.doc or .docx), then send the file as an attachment. If you prefer your article to have a specific HTML format, just save your article (with HTML formatting) as a text file (.txt).

Want to include images? Indicate at which point in the article you want the image to appear by writing (“filename of the image”) there. Send the image(s) as an attachment as well.

Finally, include a brief bio of you or your blog, and your social media links (if any).

Originality of Article

The article you submit should be original and has not been published anywhere else. Thus, if you have already published the article on your blog or somewhere, it will not be accepted. All submitted articles will be checked for originality.

Shall you prefer to include photos to your article, make sure the photos you use are original, or at least public domain or Copyright free photos.

Please let the article stay exclusive to Learn Fun Facts for three to six days. After that, you may repost your article on your blog or on other sites with a link back to the source article on Learn Fun Facts. For instance, you could write “Originally Published on Learn Fun Facts” (with a hyperlink to the original article).

Authoritative Sources and Citing References

Your sources should be authoritative enough or you risk people not taking your article seriously. It’s difficult to say which sources are the most “authoritative” these days. Hence, I advise you to consult different sources to get the big picture.

Remember to give credit to all the sources that you have used. You don’t need to use any citation style. simply list all your references at the end. If you are writing a long article, please use footnotes or parenthetical citations. Alternatively, you can cite the reference directly. For instance,

The June 2, 1996, issue of Yuma Sun, featured a report about a pair of 19 year-olds from Indiana who fancied themselves clever for coming up a seemingly perfect scam. The ruse involved signing checks with disappearing ink. Unfortunately for them, they forgot to make the name “Jeffrey J. Pyrcioch” disappear, which was printed at the top of the spurious checks. Pyrcioch and Heather M. Green were then arrested and they could potentially face eight years in jail.


Make sure to proof your article before submitting it. While I may also edit your article, it would be best if it contains as little mistakes as possible. Use a spellchecker, or better yet, Grammarly. They may not find all the errors but they are good for catching common spelling and grammatical errors.

Word Count

There is no word count requirement. However, if you plan to write a longer article (around 700 words or more), then please include an introduction, followed by your main points, some supporting details, and a conclusion.

Final Notes

  • All articles submitted are subject to editing for style, context, and tone.
  • It is fine to voice your own opinion. However, if it’s your opinion, you should make it clear that it is.
  • Please reply to comments.
  • Please note that submitting an article does not guarantee that it will be published.
  • If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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