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The ABCs Of War

“The Harvest of Battle” by Christopher R. W. Nevinson, 1919 An Austrian Archduke, assaulted and assailed, Broke Belgium’s barriers, by Britain bewailed, Causing consternation, confused chaotic crises; Diffusing destructive, death-dealing devices. England engaged earnestly, eager every ear, France fought furiously, … Continue reading

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When Soldiers Mistook Bugs For Bullets

Image: Wired In 1775, during the time of the arrival of Thomas Gage in Boston, something bizarre and absurd occurred. A group of British soldiers, while walking at Beacon Hill (Boston) after dusk, were terrified by a strange sound that … Continue reading

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A Way To Glowing Health

This is a guest post by Joe Malone While reading The World as I Found It by Bruce Duffy (1987), a novel about the social and philosophical interactions between Wittgenstein, Russell, and Moore, I came upon the following, referencing Bertrand Russell … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Leauge

I remember joining a tennis tournament where I was the only player when the tournament started. The organizers said that I was in a league of my own.  

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16 Fun Facts About Shoes By The Numbers (Infographic)

This is a guest post by Paula Casey. Shoes are a major part of our lives in that they protect our feet providing comfort and support to get from point A to point B safely. They aren’t just a necessity … Continue reading

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The Nativity of Christ: When Was Jesus Born?

Presepe by Francesco Londonio, circa 1750 This is a guest post by Souptik Banerjee. The Gospel of Mathew states that the Magi (a group of wise men) spotted a new star that cropped up in the sky and used it … Continue reading

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Old Math, New Math

Mathematics leads in many directions and to many seemingly strange ideas. If the mathematics behind discoveries is consistent, the ideas are usually portals to new mathematical breakthroughs. Along the way, there have always been mathematicians who would not accept or even consider the … Continue reading

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