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We Regret The Error

Omitting a single letter can change the meaning of a statement, as the following sentences from the old periodicals illustrate (the words with a missing letter are in italics): “The conflict was dreadful, and the enemy was repulsed with considerable laughter.” … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Failed

A medical student was surprised when he got a failing grade in his radiology class. So, he approached his professor to ask why he received that kind of grade. “Do you remember the self X-ray you performed?” the professor questioned. … Continue reading

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What? Why? When? Who? Where? Which?

I’m on my way to Wheretown to dine with Mrs. Who. If I’m not there by whentime The guard won’t let me through. There’s going to be a why not — Oh boy I hope I win it — A … Continue reading

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Random Joke #4: Mysterious Sound

Once upon a time, a man was driving along the road, when his car broke down near a monastery. He went to the monastery, said, “My car broke down. Can I stay the night here?” He was relieved that the … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Money Grows On Trees

Money does indeed grow on trees. However, the problem is that all the branches are owned by the banks.

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A Limerick About Writer’s Block

A limerick fan from Australia Regarded his work as a failure: His verses were fine Until the fourth line. — Anon.

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Gleanings From The Past #13

Nonconductor Dr. Beeton, in a letter to Dr. Mitchill of New York, dated 19th of July, 1824, states, that the beech tree (that is, the broad leaved or American variety of Fagus sylvatiea,) is never known to be assailed by … Continue reading

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