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An Obvious Theorem

The last theorem in John H. Conway’s book, On Numbers and Games (1976), is: Theorem 100: This is the last theorem in this book. (The proof is obvious.) Advertisements

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Pun Of The Weak: A Sunny Limerick

Image: NASA There was once a curious youngling Who stayed up all night while wondering Why’s the Sun not present, And where it went. Then it dawned on him the next morning.

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A Messed-Up Unit Conversion Table

The following are unconventional unitsof measures you won’t find in conventional textbooks. I’m not sure if they will ever be useful to you but who knows…: 1 Bell = 10 Decibells 1 Terabull = 1012 Bulls 1 Megaphone = 1012 … Continue reading

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Retroactive Editorial Policy

“Let me make it clear to you This is what we’ll never do.” It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to spell: You’ll find that many readers understand you just as well; And once the spelling’s gone to … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: School Of Hard Knocks

School of Hard Knocks — A place where door-to-door salesmen and other types of people you don’t want knocking on your door are trained.

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Gleanings From The Past #39

Color Blind The crier employed by an auctioneer in Portsmouth, among other articles, cried white silk stockings, of all colors. — Chaplet of Comus, 1811 Precise Pronunciation A gentleman of the bar in Ireland walking one day with a friend, … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Nonstop

“They mention that it’s a nonstop flight. Well, I must say I don’t care for that sort of thing. Call me old-fashioned, but I insist that my flight stop. Preferably at an airport.” — George Carlin

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