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Rhymes For Month

I have tried a hundred times, I guess, To find a rhyme for month; I have failed a hundred times, I know, But succeeded the hundred and one-th. There were two men a training went. It was in December month; … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Ambiguity

An ambiguous sentence… Continue reading

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Can You Say This Vowelless Tounge Twister?

There is a Czech tongue twister “Strč prst skrz krk” (meaning  “stick your finger through your throat”) which doesn’t contain any vowel. It’s difficult to pronounce this sentence, especially for foreigners. So it’s used as a challenge for those learning … Continue reading

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Six “Mary Had A Little Lamb” Lipograms

A lipogram is a form of constrained writing composed of words wherein a letter or a group of letters of the alphabet is avoided. Usually, the letter “e”, the most common letter in the English language is omitted. For example, Gadsby by Ernest … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective

Whether or not the grass looks greener from the other side of the fence, says Word Ways, at least it looks different:

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Gleanings From The Past #2

A Peculiar Anagram The following anagram, on the well-known bibliographer, William Oldys, may claim a place among the first productions of this class. It was by Oldys himself, and was found by his executors in one of his MSS. w. o. … Continue reading

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Country Names With One Syllable

There are only five countries which have one-syllable names in the English language. Can you name these countries?

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