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Rough and Tough

There had been many verses written over the years that talk about the intricacies of English pronunciation. The following verse from The Mixture of Low Spirits (1875) is just one of many: Advertisements

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Introducing Raymond Smullyan

One day, when a speaker was introducing logician and puzzlist Raymond Smullyan, he remarked that “Professor Smullyan is unique.” Smullyan, who was feeling playful that day, said, “I’m sorry to interrupt you Sir but I happen to be the only … Continue reading

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A Contrast On Matrimony Or, Pro & Anti Marriage In One

Here is a curious little verse. If you read the entire verse normally, you’d find that the writer has some cynical views on marriage. However, if you read the poem in an alternating fashion (first line, third line, second line … Continue reading

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A Study Of The English Language

The English language can be confusing, especially to foreigners who are learning it. The following curious anecdote has a good illustration regarding this, and it also contains an ingenious collection of words: A Frenchman, while looking at a number of … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #54

Not Lost in Translation A ludicrous story is told of a great naval function which took place during the reign of the last Napoleon and the Empress Eugénie. Several American vessels were present, and they were drawn up in line … Continue reading

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The Two-Toed & Three-Toed Tree Toads

A he-toad loved a she-toad That lived high in a tree. She was a two-toed tree toad But a three-toed toad was he. The three-toed tree toad tried to win The she-toad’s nuptial nod, For the three-toed tree toad loved … Continue reading

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“An Embryo Angler”

“Don’t waste your time on the branches small,” Said the farmer to his son, “But lay your axe at the root of the tree, So your work is sooner done.” Then, like a good and obedient boy, Not a word … Continue reading

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