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Pun Of The Weak: Speech

Bulldozer – someone who sleeps during a political speech.

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20 Funny Dedications

Stephen Fry, The Liar 1. To President Woodrow Wilson, from his only Vice. –  Dedication in Vice President Tom Marshall’s memoir 2. Hi Dad! *waves* – Kiera Cass, The Selection 3.  I should be remiss, indeed, if I failed to acknowledge my indebtedness to the … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #2

A Peculiar Anagram The following anagram, on the well-known bibliographer, William Oldys, may claim a place among the first productions of this class. It was by Oldys himself, and was found by his executors in one of his MSS. w. o. … Continue reading

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Thinking About Circles

“A circle may be small, yet it may be as mathematically beautiful and perfect as a large one.” – Isaac D’Israeli “If patterns exist in our seemingly patternless lives — and they do — then the law of harmony insists … Continue reading

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Tongue Twisting Titles

It has been said many times that excellent and easily remembered book titles can make the difference between sale and fail. Thus, authors have been trying their best to come up with creative titles. Every now and then, we get … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #1

A Pun Sermon The following curious string of puns is taken from a scarce work, published the reign of James the First. A divine, more willing to play with words than to be serious in expounding his text, spoke thus … Continue reading

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Mark Twain Set The Record Straight

As a correspondent of San Francisco Morning Call in 1864, Mark Twain and San Francisco Chief of Police Martin J. Bsurke were in a relatively good terms. But that changed in 1866 when Twain started a series of polemics accusing Burke and his … Continue reading

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