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5 Things Which You Must Look For In a Home Tutor

This is a guest post by Robert Wilson. Are you considering the possibility of hiring a home tutor to help your child cope with the pressures and demands of an increasingly competitive academic environment? Before you read through our list … Continue reading

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I Accidentally Turned My Blog Into A Private Blog

Last night, I created a private site. This site will serve as my database of all the research related to my blog that I do. Now, when setting the blog as private, I accidentally set my blog Learn Fun Facts … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #47

Music Alfieri, often before he wrote, prepared his mind by listening to music: “Almost all my tragedies were sketched in my mind either in the act of hearing music or a few hours after” — a circumstance which has been … Continue reading

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Learn Fun Facts’ Monthly Miscellany, March 2018

Random Ramblings The Worst Possible Superpowers This is inspired by Masercot’s fun post with the same title. — The sporadic ability to run through walls. — The psychic power to break any of your own bone with just a thought. … Continue reading

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HTML Tutorial #1: Indent The First Line Of A Paragraph And Hanging Indent

Have you ever wondered how to indent the first line of every paragraph on a blog? Or perhaps, you want your poem or reference list to have a hanging indent but you are unable to figure out how it’s … Continue reading

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Learn Fun Facts’ Blog Party: Share Your Blog Here (March 2018)

It’s time again for another blog party. Last time, I said that this would be a monthly thing, but I decided to host this once every two months instead. Growing a blog isn’t simple. It takes time, patience, and dedication … Continue reading

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A Vision Of Today’s Advertisements A Hundred Years Ago

The following extract is from A Hundred Years Hence (1906) by T. Baron Russell. It describes the author’s idealistic prediction about the future of advertising: Advertising will in the future world become gradually more and more intelligent in tone. It will seek to … Continue reading

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