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Learn Fun Fact’s Blog Party: Share Your Blog Here

Growing a blog isn’t simple. It takes time, patience, and dedication before others would begin to notice your blog. While I can’t offer you a magic formula that would increase your blog’s popularity overnight, I can at least help you to promote … Continue reading

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No Broadband Internet For Today, Oh The Joy

I have never published a post using the WordPress mobile app since I find the app too wonky for my taste. While, the desktop version of WordPress is far from perfect, I would choose it over the app any day. … Continue reading

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A Werewolf Returning Home By S.H. Vedder

A Werewolf Returning Home by S.H. Vedder, 1901

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Mid-Autumn Festival: Victoria Park Lantern Display

The Mid-Autumn Festival (or what we call Jūng-chāu Jit in Hong Kong ) is a festival celebrated on 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with a full moon at night. People like to eat mooncakes during this … Continue reading

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College Romance By Oshigbesan Adedeji

This is a guest post by Oshigbesan Adedeji of Adedeji Israel Pen Writes.  College Romance by Oshigbesan Adedeji Description Two characters find themselves in the usual relationship web of feelings and sexual attraction but had vowed to keep the sex … Continue reading

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I Just Made An Account On Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’d like to inform you that I just made an account on Bloglovin. Now, you may think, “Who cares.” I wouldn’t have posted this if I don’t have to. However, in order to “claim” my blog, … Continue reading

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In Search Of The Island Of Utopia

A utopia is an imaginary place or society where everything is perfect. It’s derived from Greek “ou” (οὐ) meaning “not” and topos (τόπος) meaning “place”, and it literally means “no place” or “nowhere”. The word was first used in Sir Thomas More’s … Continue reading

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