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A Tombstone Reference

In New Orleans’ Metairie Cemetery, there’s a tombstone with a strange inscription. It wasn’t a witty verse or even an inspirational quote. Instead, it only contained this odd line, “See Louisiana Reports, 1905, Page 39.” The tomb belongs to a … Continue reading

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Parting Words

Above is the tombstone of John Laird McCaffery (1940-1995) which is found in Montreal’s Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges. There’s also an epitaph written there composed together by McCaffery’s wife and mistress: Free your body Unfold your powerful wings Climb up the highest mountains Kick … Continue reading

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A Ghostwriter Who Hired A Ghostwriter

Nowadays, the demand for ghostwriters is on the rise. Some people like to use their services to write for their blogs and social media accouts to lessen their burden while others even hire them to write a book for them. … Continue reading

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Strange Business Signs (19th-Century London)

Here is an amusing article from Ballou’s Dollar Monthly Magazine (June 1861) about some peculiar business signs found in Victorian London: A stranger is surprised in London by some of the signs, which have been handed down for generations, which are … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #42

Almanacs About nine or ten years ago, the editors of Moore’s Almanac began this attempt by discarding the monthly column containing the moon’s supposed influence on the several members of the human body; and, as an experiment, to ascertain the … Continue reading

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A Monstrous Hoax (And Anagrams)

The Flipper Photo In 1972, Sir Peter Scott, a British naturalist and a member of Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau, partook on an expedition that produced the “Flipper Photo”. The photo was allegedly an evidence that prove the existence of the … Continue reading

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A Contrived Advice: A Verse With Each Word Beginning With The Letter T

Thomas Tusser In 1573, a poet and farmer named Thomas Tusser published a book entitled Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry. The book mainly comprised of rhyming couplets. However, in Chapter 49, he pulled out all the stops to create the … Continue reading

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