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A Facebook Friend Request That Sent Someone To Jail

In 2007, Dylan Osborn of-of England was jailed over a Facebook friend request. How? Here’s the story. Osborn said that when he joined Facebook, an automated window appeared asking if he would like to send “friend requests” to everyone on his … Continue reading

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Can You Say This Vowelless Tounge Twister?

There is a Czech tongue twister “Strč prst skrz krk” (meaning  “stick your finger through your throat”) which doesn’t contain any vowel. It’s difficult to pronounce this sentence, especially for foreigners. So it’s used as a challenge for those learning … Continue reading

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Six “Mary Had A Little Lamb” Lipograms

A lipogram is a form of constrained writing composed of words wherein a letter or a group of letters of the alphabet is avoided. Usually, the letter “e”, the most common letter in the English language is omitted. For example, Gadsby by Ernest … Continue reading

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The Missing Leprechaun Puzzle

At first, there were 15 leprechauns when the three pieces of the puzzle pieces were put together. However, after swapping the two smaller pieces, there are now only 14 leprechauns left. One of the leprechauns has vanished! So, how is … Continue reading

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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles In A Thousand Hours

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Laozi, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 64 Captain Robert Allardyce Barclay (1779 – 1854) of Ury, Scotland was a well-known “walker” during the nineteenth century. He was considered the father of … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution In Tatters

Via Found Magazine Found by Steve in Hermitage, Tennessee Steve said, “Found this on the ground outside the gate of my condo with some other trash after a major storm came through in our area.”

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This Page Intentionally Left Blank

If you like to read books, I’m pretty sure that you have encountered this sentence: “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” While printing these words on a blank paper seems ludicrous, there are technical reasons why they do this. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading

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