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A Wordy Love Confession Of The Worthy?

Image: DeviantArt With tragic air the love-lorn heir Once chased the chaste Louise; She quickly guessed her guest was there To please her with his pleas. Now at her side he kneeling sighed, His sighs of woeful size; ‘Oh, hear … Continue reading

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The Eighth Day Of The Week

Image: DeviantArt On the thirty-second day of the thirteenth month of the eighth day of the week, On the twenty-fifth hour of the sixty-first minute we’ll find all things that we seek. They are there in the limbo of Lollipop … Continue reading

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Beautiful Streams

Image: Flickr Beautiful streams, that flow onward forever, Blessing the green earth wherever they flow, Down the steep mountain-side gushing to sever, In the fair valleys and meadows below; Singing amid the tall reeds as they wander, Nursing the lily-bell … Continue reading

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ABC’s Of Love

Let others talk of L N’s eyes, And K T’s figure light and free, Say L R, too, is beautiful — I heed them not while U I C. U need not N V them, for U X L them … Continue reading

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A Curious Form Of Poetry: Univocalic Poems

Regular readers of Learn Fun Facts may already be familiar with lipograms. In today’s post, I’ll talk about another form of lipogrammatic constrained writing called univocalic. French author Georges Perec published a 300-page lipogrammatic novel La disparition in 1969. The entire … Continue reading

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A Palindromic Epitaph

In C. A. Dowson Scott’s Nooks and Corners of Cornwall (1912), Scott told of a curious epitaph located at St. Winwalloe’s churchyard, Gunwalloe, Cornwall: Shall we all die? We shall die all; All die shall we — Die all we shall. While the … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #22

Weather Forecast A Massachusetts paper says that Isaiah Thomas, the almanac-maker, when preparing the ‘annual’ of 1780, being asked by one of his boys what he should put in opposite July 13th, for weather predictions (a date overlooked), he replied … Continue reading

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