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“Jovanovich”: A Bookish Parody Of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky

The following is an amusing pastiche of Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky, wherein the names of popular book publishing companies are incorporated into the poem: ‘Twas potter, and the little brown Did simon and schuster in the shaw; All mosby were the … Continue reading

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More Solutions To The “17 Elephants/Cows/Horses/Camels” Type Puzzle

Previously, I posted a famous puzzle about an owner of seventeen elephants with three sons who died. In his will he wrote, “My eldest son gets half of my elephants, my middle son gets one-third, and my youngest son one-ninth of … Continue reading

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Quotable #30: Rhetoric

“Rhetoric is either very good, or stark naught; there is no medium in rhetoric. If I am not fully persuaded, I laugh at the orator.” — John Selden, Table Talk of John Selden, 1927 Edition (First published in 1689)

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A Tongue Twister Which Only Used Three Letters

Several months ago, I’ve posted about a Czech tongue twister which is vowelless. Here’s another curious tongue twister: Barbara Ara bar Ara araba bara rabbabara. 

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Pun Of The Weak: Repossess

Repossess — What happens to you if you fail to pay your exorcist.

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Learn Fun Fact’s Blog Party: Share Your Blog Here

Growing a blog isn’t simple. It takes time, patience, and dedication before others would begin to notice your blog. While I can’t offer you a magic formula that would increase your blog’s popularity overnight, I can at least help you to promote … Continue reading

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No Broadband Internet For Today, Oh The Joy

I have never published a post using the WordPress mobile app since I find the app too wonky for my taste. While, the desktop version of WordPress is far from perfect, I would choose it over the app any day. … Continue reading

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