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Not Lost In Translation: A Curious Language Anecdote

Vladimir Nabokov Vladimir Nabokov, in his 1962 novel Pale Fire, related a remarkable, albeit probably apocryphal, Russian language anecdote. The story went that a newspaper which covered the coronation ceremony of a Tsar “accidentally” misprinted “корона” (korona) (crown) as “ворона” (vorona) (crow). The … Continue reading

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The Economist’s Blunder

Geoffrey K. Pullum On March 20, 1997, linguist Geoffrey K. Pullum sent the following letter to The Economist in response to the article regarding the Russian oil pipeline problems the newspaper published a week prior: Sir: “Connections needed” (March 15) … Continue reading

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5 Things Which You Must Look For In a Home Tutor

This is a guest post by Robert Wilson. Are you considering the possibility of hiring a home tutor to help your child cope with the pressures and demands of an increasingly competitive academic environment? Before you read through our list … Continue reading

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A Tombstone Reference

In New Orleans’ Metairie Cemetery, there’s a tombstone with a strange inscription. It wasn’t a witty verse or even an inspirational quote. Instead, it only contained this odd line, “See Louisiana Reports, 1905, Page 39.” The tomb belongs to a … Continue reading

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Quotable #48: Prophesy

“Our present addiction to pollsters and forecasters is a symptom of our chronic uncertainty about the future. Even when the forecasts prove wrong, we still go on asking for them. We watch our experts read the entrails of statistical tables … Continue reading

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I Accidentally Turned My Blog Into A Private Blog

Last night, I created a private site. This site will serve as my database of all the research related to my blog that I do. Now, when setting the blog as private, I accidentally set my blog Learn Fun Facts … Continue reading

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1-2-3-4 Puzzle

Using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4 twice, form an eight-digit number in such a way that there is one digit between the 1’s, two digits between the 2’s, three digits between the 3’s and four digits between the 4’s. 

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