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Naming Book Titles After Just Hearing The First Lines

A few years ago, I met someone who said that he would be able to know the title of a popular book by only reading the first line or two of the book to him. I decided to test his … Continue reading

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In Search Of The Island Of Utopia

A utopia is an imaginary place or society where everything is perfect. It’s derived from Greek “ou” (οὐ) meaning “not” and topos (τόπος) meaning “place”, and it literally means “no place” or “nowhere”. The word was first used in Sir Thomas More’s … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #6

Taste vs. Genius Taste and genius are two words frequently joined together, and therefore, by inaccurate thinkers, confounded. They signify, however, two quite different things. The difference between them can be clearly pointed out, and it is of importance to … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #4

A Convoluted Testimony A witness being called to give evidence in a court of Connecticut, respecting the loss of a shirt, gave the following—”Mother said, that Ruth said, that Nell said that Paul told her, that she see a man … Continue reading

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Quite A Strange Review…

I found this rather amusing extract of a book review (the original review was not published) on The Mathematics Gazette vol. 8 no. 124 (1916).

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20 Funny Dedications

Stephen Fry, The Liar 1. To President Woodrow Wilson, from his only Vice. –  Dedication in Vice President Tom Marshall’s memoir 2. Hi Dad! *waves* – Kiera Cass, The Selection 3.  I should be remiss, indeed, if I failed to acknowledge my indebtedness to the … Continue reading

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Tongue Twisting Titles

It has been said many times that excellent and easily remembered book titles can make the difference between sale and fail. Thus, authors have been trying their best to come up with creative titles. Every now and then, we get … Continue reading

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