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Different Mathematical Perspectives

Here is a very simple match puzzle. Move just a single match to form a perfect square. This is indeed an easy puzzle. However, there are two ways to solve this and the solution depends on who’s solving the puzzle. … Continue reading

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Learn A Basic Number Theorem Through Playing Cards

The following is a simple activity for learning a simple number theory concept. This is based on the procedure described by Martin Gardner in Time Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments (1988). All you need for this is a pack of cards. … Continue reading

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An Ingenious Match Puzzle

Lay out six matches in the way depicted in the illustration. The objective is to shift one match without displacing the others so that the resulting arrangement would represent an arithmetical fraction equal to 1. You are not allowed to … Continue reading

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Scrabble Anagram

The March 11, 1975 issue of the London Times has this little curiosity. Phoebe Winch was able to arrange the 100 standard Scrabble tiles into a meaningful anagram: AAAAAAAAA BB CC DDDD EEEEEEEEEEEE FF GGG HH IIIIIIIII J K LLLL MM NNNNNN … Continue reading

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Three-Card Monte In Hong Kong

“Up today, down tomorrow, a rich man’s luck is a poor man’s sorrow. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, it all depends on the one you choose.” – One of the lines I used when performing three-card Monte For those … Continue reading

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