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Gleanings From The Past #22

Weather Forecast A Massachusetts paper says that Isaiah Thomas, the almanac-maker, when preparing the ‘annual’ of 1780, being asked by one of his boys what he should put in opposite July 13th, for weather predictions (a date overlooked), he replied … Continue reading

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Triskaidekaphobia And Friday The 13th And A Death Prediction, Oh My!

Today is Friday the 13th. Some people believe that unlucky things happen during this day while others find this belief absurd. But whether you believe in the unluckiness Friday the 13th or not, I hope that you are having a … Continue reading

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When Frank Nelson Cole Factored A Large Number During A “Lecture”

For around 200 years, several mathematicians had surmised that the Mersenne number 267 – 1 may be prime. However, French mathematician Édouard Lucas proved in 1876 that 267 – 1 can be factored and hence, not a prime. However, he was … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #19

European Cultivation To the ancient Persians, Europe is indebted for almost all the fruits she possesses. What more certain proof of civilization and antiquity, than the culture of the products of the earth? Virgil, and other ancient writers, inform us … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro’s Letter To Roosevelt: My Good Friend Roosevelt…

In November 1940, a young Fidel Castro wrote a rather cheeky and amusing letter to the then US president Franklin Roosevelt. In the letter, Castro asked Roosevelt for some money — a $10 bill. He even told Roosevelt about Cuba’s largest … Continue reading

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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: Its Origin And Other Similar Ideas

From the first edition of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876). Note how suggestively close the words “pen” and “is” are. Perhaps, this was the idea of either Twain or his illustrator, True Williams. We often hear or … Continue reading

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An I For An Eye: Napoleon’s Palindrome

“Able was I ere I saw Elba” is a famous palindrome attributed to Napoleon Bonapart. However, there is no concrete evidence that Napoleon himself created this palindrome. The Quote Investigator argued that Napoleon didn’t make this palindrome since it first … Continue reading

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