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Pun Of The Weak: Failed

A medical student was surprised when he got a failing grade in his radiology class. So, he approached his professor to ask why he received that kind of grade. “Do you remember the self X-ray you performed?” the professor questioned. … Continue reading

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Random Joke #4: Mysterious Sound

Once upon a time, a man was driving along the road, when his car broke down near a monastery. He went to the monastery, said, “My car broke down. Can I stay the night here?” He was relieved that the … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Money Grows On Trees

Money does indeed grow on trees. However, the problem is that all the branches are owned by the banks.

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A Shaggy-Dog Story: Black And White

One day, a reporter went to a farm to conduct an interview with a farmer. Reporter: Do you have some time for a quick interview? Farmer: Yes. Reporter: I wanna ask how you take care of your cows. For my … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Trying On Shoes

Some people keep trying on shoes until the salesman has a fit.

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Pun Of The Weak: Correction

A newspaper correction: Yesterday we mistakenly reported that a talk was given by a battle-scared hero. We apologize for the error. We obviously meant that the talk was given by a bottle-scarred hero.

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Pun Of The Weak: Living Condition

Jack: I live in a high rise apartment. Rod: Really? Jack: Yeah, the rent keeps rising…  

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