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Gleanings From The Past #40

Lawyers Two lawyers, when a knotty case was o’er, Shook hands, and were as good friends as before. “Zounds!” says the losing client, “how came you To be such good friends, who were such foes just now?” “Thou fool,” says … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #34

Mind and Body The two philosophies, that which treats of body and that which treats of mind, are both of them good, useful, and necessary. Matter must be studied by the senses and with material experience, just as mind must … Continue reading

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Darts As A Game Of Skill

Anyone who has played darts may know that it requires a high level of skill to get good scores consistently. If one is still not convinced that the game of darts does not involve skill, then watching a darts tournament … Continue reading

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Legal Poetic Parody

In 1982, a driver named Karen Lowe hit and damaged a tree in Michigan belonging to William Fisher. The tree was successfully repaired which cost Lowe’s insurer $550. However, Fisher was not satisfied and he claimed $15,000 of damages for … Continue reading

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A Facebook Friend Request That Sent Someone To Jail

In 2007, Dylan Osborn of England was jailed over a Facebook friend request. How? Here’s the story. Osborn said that when he joined Facebook, an automated window appeared asking if he would like to send “friend requests” to everyone on his … Continue reading

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