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Laws Of Aerodamnics

Aerodamnics — how the air moves and the way it interacts with objects that are in the air according to Murphy. 1. A piece of buttered bread usually falls to the floor with the buttered side down. Corollary: The probability of this … Continue reading

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20 Excuses For Not Doing Your Math Homework

This is a list I made quite some time ago. Might as well publish it here. 1. Even Galileo didn’t know calculus, so why should I? 2. When I tried to reach my textbook, I could only reach half the … Continue reading

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10 Fun Facts About Lava Lamps (Infographic)

Learn more about Lava Lamps with some of these fun facts.

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20 Funny Dedications

Stephen Fry, The Liar 1. To President Woodrow Wilson, from his only Vice. –  Dedication in Vice President Tom Marshall’s memoir 2. Hi Dad! *waves* – Kiera Cass, The Selection 3.  I should be remiss, indeed, if I failed to acknowledge my indebtedness to the … Continue reading

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10 Tricks To Get A Top Comment On Youtube

I have seen a lot of people who try very hard just to get a top comment on Youtube. While I don’t get what’s the fuss of intentionally aiming to get to the top comment, this still caught my curiosity. So, I … Continue reading

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