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No Broadband Internet For Today, Oh The Joy

I have never published a post using the WordPress mobile app since I find the app too wonky for my taste. While, the desktop version of WordPress is far from perfect, I would choose it over the app any day. … Continue reading

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Quotable #26: The Internet

“The internet is where some people go to show their true intelligence; others, their hidden stupidity.”  — Criss Jami, Healology, 2016

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Angelo Faticoni: A Man They Could Not Drown

Angelo Faticoni (1859-1931) was a professional stunt artist who performed a number of impressive feats of buoyancy such as staying afloat in the water for fifteen hours despite having a twenty pounds of lead tied to his ankle and swimming … Continue reading

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Friendship’s Garland

When I was a boy there was a friend of mine, We thought ourselves warriors and grown folk swine, Stupid old animals who never understood And never had an impulse, and said “You must be good!” We stank like stoats … Continue reading

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Edited Out

Thomas Jefferson’s first draft of the United States Declaration of Independence had a passage condemning the slave trade:

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Naming Book Titles After Just Hearing The First Lines

A few years ago, I met someone who said that he would be able to know the title of a popular book by only reading the first line or two of the book to him. I decided to test his … Continue reading

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Quotable #16: Transience

“When told of a man who had acquired great wealth, a sage replied, ‘Has he also acquired the days in which to spend it?’” — Solomon Ibn Gabirol

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