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A Zero Vector’s Woe

Here is an offbeat poem which was written by Eileen Tupaz, a then student of Ateneo University (Philippines): i’m tired of being a zero vector i’m tired of being a zero vector with no direction no dimension and no magnitude; … Continue reading

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An Old Rhyming Recipe To Make Ink

The following is a quaint mnemonic of a recipe for making ink which first appeared in John de Beauchesne’s Writing Book, 1602, and quoted in David Nunes Carvalho, Forty Centuries of Ink, 1904: To make common Ink, of Wine take a … Continue reading

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Rough and Tough

There had been many verses written over the years that talk about the intricacies of English pronunciation. The following verse from The Mixture of Low Spirits (1875) is just one of many:

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A Victim Of His Own Invention

Sir Robert Watson-Watt was a Scottish physicist and a proponent of radio direction finding and radar technology. His ideas were credited for the defeat of more than a quarter of German U-boats and subsequently enabled the Royal Air Force to … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #58

Dining with a Miser [Jonathan] Swift having dined with a rich miser, pronounced the following grace after dinner: “Thanks for this miracle, it is no less, Than finding manna in the wilderness, In midst of famine we have found relief, … Continue reading

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Be Good, Be Good…

Be good, be good, be always good, And now & then be clever, But don’t you ever be too good, Nor ever be too clever; For such as be too awful good They awful lonely are, And such as often … Continue reading

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A Contrast On Matrimony Or, Pro & Anti Marriage In One

Here is a curious little verse. If you read the entire verse normally, you’d find that the writer has some cynical views on marriage. However, if you read the poem in an alternating fashion (first line, third line, second line … Continue reading

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