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What? Why? When? Who? Where? Which?

I’m on my way to Wheretown to dine with Mrs. Who. If I’m not there by whentime The guard won’t let me through. There’s going to be a why not — Oh boy I hope I win it — A … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #14

Rhyming [Nicolas Boileau-]Despréaux, in composing poetry, made his second verse before the first; and considered it as a very great secret in the art of [rhyming], which gave energy and meaning to the verse. Boileau used to relate, that he communicated … Continue reading

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Is That That That That That Correct?

The following verse contains grammatical wordplays on the word “that”: Now, that is a word that may often be joined, For that that may be doubled is clear to the mind; And that that that is right, is as plain … Continue reading

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A Limerick About Writer’s Block

A limerick fan from Australia Regarded his work as a failure: His verses were fine Until the fourth line. — Anon.

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Gleanings From The Past #12

Happiness The ones who seek their happiness By buying cars and clothes and rings, Don’t seem to know that empty lives Are just as empty filled with things. — Bullet [Fredericksburg, Virginia], May 1, 1936 Mind Your Punctuation ‘Mind your stops’ is … Continue reading

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A Poetic Superscription

In 1761, the Post Office in London received the following letter with an interesting superscription: About this time, twelve months ago, I sent a letter to Mr. Crow, — He lived then, when he does still: But leave this with, … Continue reading

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Signs Of The Weather

“On cable TV they have a weather channel — twenty-four hours of weather. We had something like that where I grew up. We called it a window.” — Dan Spencer It is always a good idea to have a way … Continue reading

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