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Ambiguous Profit

It’s been quite a while isn’t  it? In my last post, I said that I’d be gone for a week but it turned out to be almost four months. During the last few months, I had to deal with some … Continue reading

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The Fifteen Ball Puzzle

Can you arrange 15 billiard balls to form a “difference triangle” in the usual triangular configuration, that is, the arrangement that you would see before the start of a game of pool? The number 1 through 15 is arranged in … Continue reading

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The Sixth Power Problem

Only using digits 0 to 9 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) once, can you form three numbers a, b and c so that the sixth power of c is equal to the sum of a and b?

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The Missing Leprechaun Puzzle

At first, there were 15 leprechauns when the three pieces of the puzzle pieces were put together. However, after swapping the two smaller pieces, there are now only 14 leprechauns left. One of the leprechauns has vanished! So, how is … Continue reading

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Repeating Digits In Different Bases

931 (in base 10) is an interesting number since in two other bases, it’s a repeating 3-digit number, namely, in base 11 and base 30. and Can you find the other three-digit numbers with this property?

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The Resurrection Of An Absurd Problem

Via In November 1905, the Bangor Daily News published the following problem: A gentleman wishes to dig a trench, 100 feet in length, paying for the work $100 – or an average of $1 a foot. He employs two laborers, … Continue reading

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Can Two 2’s Produce 5?

Using only two 2’s and any mathematical operations, functions and symbols that you want (and I mean ANY!), try to make two 2’s equal to 5. Trust me, this problem is harder than it looks as you would find out … Continue reading

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