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Constructing Rectangles With Jigsaw Puzzle

What is the smallest rectangle which can be made by using jigsaw pieces of these two shapes only? What is the next smallest such rectangle? What rectangles are possible using these shapes only? (Note: You can use no matter how many of these two … Continue reading

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An Ingenious Match Puzzle

Lay out six matches in the way depicted in the illustration. The objective is to shift one match without displacing the others so that the resulting arrangement would represent an arithmetical fraction equal to 1. You are not allowed to … Continue reading

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Word Chains

Here are the clues to a Word Chain: A → tail end of cat → headgear → deer → vital organ → fireside. The solution is, A → AT → HAT → HART → HEART → HEARTH. Each link in the chain … Continue reading

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An Enigmatic Letter

Can you decipher the meaning of this letter?

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17 Elephants Or: How An Old Man Prevented A Couple Of Elephants From Being Slaughtered

Image: Wikimedia This story originates from India. A man died and left seventeen elephants to his three sons. His will said, “My eldest son gets half of my elephants, my middle son gets one-third, and my youngest son one-ninth of … Continue reading

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A Mysterious Letter Puzzle And A Poem Composed During The Battle Of Valley Forge

While reading The Jester’s Magazine (March 1766 edition), the following caught my attention: Apparently, this was a love letter to Miss M****** written by “R. B.”. No further information about the nature of this letter was given in the volume and … Continue reading

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Another Not-So-Straightforward Math Puzzle

The other day, I posted a peculiar math puzzle here. Some readers of Learn Fun Facts seem to like this type of puzzle. So, here’s another one, also from John Jackson’s Rational Amusements from Winter Evenings (1821): One third of twelve, if … Continue reading

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