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A Logical Meal

Four logicians were having dinner and discussing logical puzzles. After the main course, the waiter brought a large plate that contains 11 slices of cakes. Their debate was intense and in the process, they ended up eating all the cakes. … Continue reading

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Naming Book Titles After Just Hearing The First Lines

A few years ago, I met someone who said that he would be able to know the title of a popular book by only reading the first line or two of the book to him. I decided to test his … Continue reading

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The Truth-Teller And The Liar Puzzle

Veritas and Truth are sisters. One of them (we don’t have any idea who) always tells the truth while the other always lies. Alex questioned one of them: “Is Truth the one that lies?” “Yes,” she replied. Did Alex speak to … Continue reading

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Magic 1089 And Magic Squares

The 1089 Trick Those who like to read books about puzzles or recreational mathematics would likely be familiar with the trick that involves the number 1089. The trick begins by asking someone to select a three-digit number that has a different … Continue reading

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In 1951, John Thurber was challenged by his friend, Michell, to a word game called “Ghost” or “Superghost”. The objective of the game is to think of English words which contain a given difficult letter combinations. For example, “NEHE” becomes “swineherd” … Continue reading

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Can Eight 8’s Produce 1000?

My previous post “Can Two 2’s Produce 5?” showed a way to produce 5 using only two 2’s and any mathematical operations. Now, here’s another similar puzzle. Using eight 8’s and any mathematical operations and symbols, can you make them … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Profit

It’s been quite a while isn’t  it? In my last post, I said that I’d be gone for a week but it turned out to be almost four months. During the last few months, I had to deal with some … Continue reading

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