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6 Steps To Succeed In Teaching With Technology

This is a guest post by Katrina D. Keller. Everyone wants to use technology in the classroom, but it is the uneasy relationship many schools and teachers have with technology that is discouraging its adoption. Most bear the notion that … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Duet

Teacher: Little Johnny, please use “duet” in a sentence. Little Johnny: What is “duet”? Teacher: You’re not listening again… Duet is a song or instrumental music sung or played by two people. Little Johnny: Oh I see… If you can’t … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Horns

The teacher had just spent several minutes talking about the bovine family (cows, oxen, etc.) to her class when she asked Little Johnny a question. “Little Johnny, can you name something that is big, has horns and dangerous to get … Continue reading

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