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Killing Time

This was the inscription on the side of a longcase clock I saw in Hong Kong when I was still a child. The verse fascinated me so much that I jotted it down in my notebook and later transferred it … Continue reading

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Time Is Gold: Or, How To Ask For Money In Style

Louise XIV When the house of Claude Sanguin, a 17th Century French poet, was struck by lightning and burned down, he wrote the following ingenious letter to Louise XIV. The King felt the poet’s suffering through his poem. So, he ordered … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #29

Image: DeviantArt Effects of Time So little do we accustom ourselves to consider the effects of time, that things necessary and certain often surprise us like unexpected contingencies. We leave the beauty in her bloom, and, after an absence of … Continue reading

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Quotable #29: Time

“It is well known, that time once past never returns; and that the moment which is lost is lost for ever. Time therefore ought, above all other kinds of property, to be free from invasion and yet there is no … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #28

Engineering Project The city of Buenos Ayres, S. A., has received a singular proposition from two German mechanical engineers. They offer to cover the city with a huge umbrella, the base of which is to be 670 feet in diameter, … Continue reading

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