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A Contrast On Matrimony Or, Pro & Anti Marriage In One

Here is a curious little verse. If you read the entire verse normally, you’d find that the writer has some cynical views on marriage. However, if you read the poem in an alternating fashion (first line, third line, second line … Continue reading

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“An Embryo Angler”

“Don’t waste your time on the branches small,” Said the farmer to his son, “But lay your axe at the root of the tree, So your work is sooner done.” Then, like a good and obedient boy, Not a word … Continue reading

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Another Poem With A Hidden Acrostic

In the September 29, 1888, edition of Weekly Wisconsin, the following strange enigma appeared, composed by an anonymous writer named “Maude”: Perhaps the solvers are inclined to hiss, Curling their nose up at a con* like this. Like some much … Continue reading

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Lewis Carroll’s “Double Acrostic” Poem

On May 20, 1871, Lewis Carroll sent the following poem to Mabel and Emily Kerr of Canada. The poem was titled “Double Acrostic”. Can you figure out where the acrostics are? Thanks, thanks, fair Cousins, for your gift So swiftly … Continue reading

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Word Chains

Here are the clues to a Word Chain: A → tail end of cat → headgear → deer → vital organ → fireside. The solution is, A → AT → HAT → HART → HEART → HEARTH. Each link in the chain … Continue reading

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Pun Of The Weak: Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia — The dog’s response when asked why he didn’t need to go out.

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Pun Of The Weak: Daffynitions #1

Abalone — What you see most of the time on TV and the web. Aftermath — After your math exam. Avoidable — What a bullfighter tries to do. Devastation — A place where buses arrive and depart. Egotist — A … Continue reading

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